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It's a World Wide Web

CommunityEven though virtual, the Internet is very much a community, and it has no boundaries. Remember that it has a global reach. Visit your neighbors, sign their guestbooks, apply for their awards, be involved. There are online forums, email groups, Usenet newsgroups, and chat rooms. Participate knowledgeably in your field of expertise, share your experiences. It is poor netiquette to simply post a sales message, expect a lot of flames. Instead, contribute to discussions, and include your signature line directing readers to your site.

There are also numerous opportunities to hone your skills and have fun with Web competitions. Traffic wars can bring visitors and excitement for entertainment pages. Get involved. Be aware of what is happening in your field on the Net, but look at who is sponsoring the activities. If your site is about bait shops, it is probably not worth your time to participate with a physics consortium.

Integrate Your Resources

Include your URL and email address on business cards, stationary, brochures and any other print resources you use. Use your voice mail greeting to your advantage. Mention your URL, and other ways of contacting you. Remember to include online news in your press releases and organization announcements. Refer your online visitors to your real world services, and vice-versa.

In Conclusion

It takes time, effort, and persistence to build and keep online traffic. Establishing a reputation on the Internet requires as much sweat as it does in the physical world. Those who put forth the effort and stay at it will be the ones who find their niche in this virtual frontier. As baseball Hall-of-Famer Satchell Paige noted, "Don't look behind you, they may be gaining."

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