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Awards Bestowed in Kindness

Perhaps the most flattering form of recognition is the unexpected. These webmasters have surprised us with their gracious acts of kindness. As you can imagine, this immediately places them on our "friends list." The Internet's world of community is alive in those who offer such unsolicited praise. Sincerest thanks to all.

I_Want's Page
December 16, 1999
I_Want's 1999 Best of the Web

Hello gentlemen... and congratulations on winning my 1999 Best of the Web award. Your site is great and I've bookmarked it to go back for much more!

Vickie - I_Want's Page

Tactics Private Investigations
October 8, 1999
Private Eye GOLD Excellence Award

I noticed all the fine changes you have made and wanted to show you a little recognition for all the hard work! It is most deserving of our highest honor. Good job and keep up the hard work.

Michael Chaippellie - Director of Investigations
TACTICS Private Investigations

Asthma Reality
Received June 21, 1999
Asthma Reality Diamond Award

Permit me to offer you my modest diamond award, reserved for "big acknowledgments and recognition."

Jacques Gesret - Asthma Reality

Jacques is from France and the computerized translation may be slightly off, but his kind generosity is gracious in any language. IB

My Cabin in the Woods
Received May 20, 1999
Happiness Award

I really enjoyed your site and hope you will accept this little award as a token of my appreciation.

Dottie Reidy - My Cabin in the Woods

It's a delight to receive this special gift, especially from a fellow West Virginian. IB

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