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Awards Bestowed in Kindness

Perhaps the most flattering form of recognition is the unexpected. These webmasters have surprised us with their gracious acts of kindness. As you can imagine, this immediately places them on our "friends list." The Internet's world of community is alive in those who offer such unsolicited praise. Sincerest thanks to all.

Friends in Kindness
Received April 16, 2000
Lauranna's Kindness Plaque

I have a plaque that I occasionally give to friends to remind them they might only have one chance to show kindness to someone they don't know. One chance to make a friend that might last a lifetime. The thought goes to you, because you are one of the few people I've met that lives the words.

Lauranna - Netmagick

Diam's Realm Web Design Resource Center
Received April 24, 1999
Diam's Realm Site of Honor

. . . truly an award for achievement in Web site design. All that I ask is that you tell 1 person about my site and teach 1 person a little something about Web Design.

Diam - Diam's Realm

Definitely a privilege to be included with these elite sites. Thank you Diam and Reana for this unexpected pleasure. IB

Fred Langa's Reader's Choice Hotspot
Received April 10, 1999
Fred Langa's Reader's Choice Hotspot

There's something on each site worth seeing — eye-grabbing graphics, or an unusual site premise, or neat use of HTML or new web technologies, or offbeat topics, or rich resources — tons of stuff.

Fred Langa - Hotspots

Absolute Cross
Received December 4, 1999
Absolute Cross-Examined Website

I am pleased to inform you that your web site has been chosen because of its terrific design and unique content as a winner. Congratulations on your excellent work!

David Dunkerley - WebMaster Absolute Cross

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