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Awards Bestowed in Kindness

Perhaps the most flattering form of recognition is the unexpected. These webmasters have surprised us with their gracious acts of kindness. As you can imagine, this immediately places them on our "friends list." The Internet's world of community is alive in those who offer such unsolicited praise. Sincerest thanks to all.

Believe 2 Achieve
Received March 8, 2000
Believe 2 Achieve Webmaster Design

I have a new award design that I made just for my friends — This one is for you. I have appreciated all that you have helped me with and the support that you give to the Internet community overall. Thank You.

TinyRay Grier - Believe 2 Achieve

Florida Times Union Webwatch Best Bets
September 22, 1999
Webwatch Best Bets

If the Smothers Brothers ran a tech support service online, it would look a lot like this. There's a bundle of tiresome cornball humor here but the site is redeemed by an abundance of tips and tutorials and general mayhem related to building a Web site.

Florida Times-Union - Webwatch

Unlimited On-Line, the free Life, Health and Medical Journal
Received April 21, 1999
The Don Hats Off Award

More mail from Donald! What have we done to deserve this? Relax. I'd be honoured if you would accept my "Hats Off Award" for your excellent site.

Donald McDonald
Unlimited Online

We'd be delighted Don. IB

SiteMaven Designs
Received April 21, 1999
SiteMaven Design Gold Award

I would like to present Internet Brothers with my "Gold" Award. Don't take winning this with a grain of salt. This is only the 2nd site that I have presented it to this year.

Patricia Dollar - SiteMaven Designs

Thanks Pat. You made our day. IB

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