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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

Silver Plaque Winners for September 1999 - This is a virtual conference site. You will find intelligent and informative presentations on the latest computer technology. It also has great freebies, cool links and a monthly contest. Posted September 30,1999.

Games in Civilization - describes games of different cultures around the world and throughout time. It also gives information about the mathematical theories behind games, and insites into psychological games. Posted September 28,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

Medi-Smart Nursing Resource Center - health and nursing resources and extensive features to enrich and empower the lives of nurses and the healthcare consumer. Commercial yes, but a helpful and admirable vision that is sure to attract attention. Posted September 27,1999.

webmaster EH: Design help for new webmasters - A complete set of useful tips and things not to do (and why) for new designers. Fonts, images, page layout, navigation, and a whole host of other things - avoid the mistakes so many people make. Posted September 25,1999.

HistoryLink - Encyclopedic history of Seattle and surrounding communities. Contains sourced essays, photo features and a detailed timeline of regional history. Splendid backend database reference resource. Posted September 18,1999.

War & Conflict - Past :: Present :: Future - aims to provide comprehensive information about the theory and conduct of war. Includes in-depth presentations in topics such as the control and limitation of conflict, the law of war, the economics of war and the future of conflict. Posted September 10,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

Dynamite Digital Designs - Markets web design services and provides information about web design, graphics for the web, and demographics for prospective clients and other designers. The site is designed as an example of an extremely simple, very practical, cross browser web site creation. Posted September 10,1999.

The Aphex Twin Community - Covers Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, king of electronic music. Nice graphics, ease of navigation and rich content make this one stands out from the masses. Posted September 8,1999.

ThinkSpace - designed to teach people about space. Using the internet style of learning, this site is both informative and fun for the internet user. There are five main sections to the page: Stars, Galaxies, Solar System, Universe, and Astronomers. Posted September 6,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

The Human Brain: A Mystery to Itself - aims to teach others about the brain in a fun, simple, and interactive environment. There's a lot more to it than just "gray-matter." Learn about your own brain's tendencies with the interactive demonstrations. Posted September 4,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

The Asian Century: Paths to Power - Explore the extensive database, use the interactive maps, vote in the poll, splash the wall, speak in Asia Talk!, add any links, contribute your photos, play games, watch videos. All the while, learning as you go. Posted September 4,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

The Sandpaper Diary - A colorful personal page with impressive writing and reflections by the webdesigner, helpful links, an advice section, and site reviews. Employs effective DHTML presentation techniques. A trademark "Lexi" page. Posted September 1,1999.

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