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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

 Silver Plaque Winners for May 1999 

Stormi's Touch Web Creations - 19th Century charm and content, free card shop, ragtime midi's, comedy, trivia, Victorian Romance and wonderful original backgrounds all presented by one of the most superb graphic artists on the web. Posted May 29, 1999.

The Doorns Home in Cyberspace - Extremely helpful hints and tips on many aspects of website design, including many aspects you may not normally think of. It also has genealogy resources relating to Dutch surnames. Posted May 28, 1999.

InfoZone - Entertainment, business, career agencies, clubs, music, designers assoc, awards, links to informative sites, advertising. This site is fresh. Nice Photoshop how-to's. Posted May 25, 1999.

Helene Black -| Artist |- - Installations, mixed media, paintings and full online illustrated cv of the artist. If you enjoy art, plan to spend some time at this remarkable display. Posted May 24, 1999.

Benson High School - Come take a peek at the Home of the Mighty Bunnies. Students, staff, parents and the community have welcomed the site with pride, as well they should. Posted May 24, 1999.

Tomahawks Online - The home on the web of Glastonbury, Ct. High School. An excellent resource not just for GHS students, but faculty and students all across the globe. Helping to prepare your day before it even starts. Posted May 9, 1999.

Technology Security Blanket - helpful resources about Information Technology subjects from an expert in the field; includes HTML for newcomers, a free and extensive custom graphics section, free email, a rated awards program and many other interesting tidbits. This is an extremely high quality Helpware site you are certain to learn from. Posted May 8, 1999.

Music4Him - for the promotion of independent Christian musicians. This site is very interactive containing a wide variety of tools for promotion, including a Banner Exchange network, musicians forum, awards program, free promotional page with on-line editing, interactive events calender, musicians referral, classifieds, copyright information and forms, chord charts, database and more. Posted May 4, 1999.

ALS Network - renders a valuable service to victims of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) by providing a central site for those battling ALS to follow individual case histories that include treatments, medications and diets PALS are using to fight ALS. Each treatment plan is posted along with individual monthly ALS status reports. The site also includes information on living with and managing ALS. Posted May 3, 1999.

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