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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

 Silver Plaque Winners for June 1999 

UCLA Vietnamese Student Union - A student-run organization, the UCLA VSU strives to educate and spread their beautiful culture and heritage, while providing community services and empowerment in student government. Posted June 27,1999.

Believe 2 Achieve, The Art & Design of TinyRay - a fantastic gallery of airbrush and computer art. Free banners and backgrounds for your website, plus a wonderful tribute to family ancestry. Don't miss this one. Posted June 26,1999.

Back to the Past - Genealogy home of the Strawmyer-McClelland family. Includes collected writings and personal dictionary of James Strawmyer, patriots page, resource links, old family photos. Posted June 19,1999.

CyberSmartNow Webzine - an easy to read, twice-monthly Webzine that is dedicated to keeping readers on the "cutting-edge" of the online world. Plus an extensive glossary of Internet and computing terms, cool sites to visit, web surfing and computer related tips. Posted June 19,1999.

Norway during WW2 - Unique pictures and articles about the invasion and occupation of Norway by the German armed forces during World War II. Well worth a visit. Upgraded June 18,1999.

Breton Humors - Aside from a large Celtic section (Irish & Breton), you may visit the Chinese pages or the Foreign Legion Songs if not reading the French Novels (in French!), you may stroll around the Computing pages and ask for some utilities in the Private Club. Posted June 18, 1999.

dlb99 Internet Solution - a web hosting and web design service located in the UK. In addition to a full range of services, offering speciality options for charities and schools at a very low and competitive price. Posted June 10, 1999.

TACTICS Private Investigations - a leading private investigations firm with a unique and informative site. Sections include: things to consider before hiring a private investigator; a page dedicated to the National Center for Missing Children; a free personal risk survey, and 11 free security reports. Posted June 4, 1999.

Creative Quotations - challenges readers to look for connections between quotations and the components of creativity. CQ provides three or more famous people for each day of the year — that's 10,000 humorous and thought-provoking quotations from 1,500+ famous people. Posted June 3, 1999.

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