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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

 Silver Plaque Winners for August 1999 

The LITE site - Tutorials of HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. Helping others understand and build web pages of their own, and doing it in an easy to comprehend manner. Posted August 23,1999.

PC Music - A Music, Software resource and information site. Learn all about MP3, check out the latest tunes, and track the hits. Upgraded August 21,1999.

SandDancr Studios - Unique, original graphics themed from the Roaring Twenties, web site design that is worth more than one look, and finely detailed tutorials about Blade Pro presets, creating collages, and pairing up your images for that mouseover effect. Posted August 12,1999.

Palo Alto High School - contains information for students, parents, staff and community. Everything from the course catalog to bibliography information to PTSA meeting times. During the school year, the frontpage has a weekly spotlight on that week's school events. Posted August 8,1999.

Theatre on a Shoestring - a one-of-a-kind theatre education website with a plethora of resources including photos, articles, synopses, and technical advice — truly something for everyone with a flair for the dramatic. Posted August 5,1999.

7Rings - a site that is dedicated to digital art, the fine arts; for artists and designers in general. All the designs are original and include a huge linkware section, filled with over 50 sets and over 100 borders and backgrounds, for the homepage user. It doesn't get much better than this. Posted August 5,1999.

KVT Graphics - A free graphics section that contains themed web sets and mix-n-match sets. Blade Pro presets, PSP Tubes, a font collection, and a small html help section make this digital cornucopia a welcome addition to any graphic artist's tool belt. Posted August 1,1999.

Hey You! - the design showcase for the developer's new web design business, a free graphics collection, plus some oddities and ends. What the humble creator didn't mention is some of the finest Bryce and fractal art galleries you will see anywhere. Posted August 1,1999.

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