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 Silver Plaque Winners from 1998 

Solaris RA Fantastic World - Webmastering from Hamburg, Germany, Solaris RA combines splendid visual arts with the latest Shockwave Flash and VRML display technologies. Want to know where the Web is headed? This is a good example. Posted December 29, 1998.

UFO's Net Resources - Here you'll find a plethora of excellent web page building resources, easy navigation and good layout and graphics. Something about everything to help you get your stuff together. Posted December 27, 1998.

Jon's Guide to Hong Kong - Provides insights on how to get around and where to go in Hong Kong. Laid out in a "drill-down" fashion, you will find loads of photos, tips on shopping and dining, and a yearning to visit. Posted December 6, 1998.

Silverleaf Design - A design company that believes in creating sites that are fast to load, easy to navigate, and pleasant to look at. They also want their visitors to find content that will be helpful to them. To that end, they have created several sections offering helpful resources, free graphics, and a contest. Posted November 7, 1998.

Standing In The Rain - Prism is a contemporary Christian band celebrating the release of their new CD, Standing in the Rain. Lyrics and samples, as well as prayer requests and a web site award can be found here. Posted November 6, 1998.

webGFX Rendermachine - Now everyone can create high-quality logos in seconds. webGFX allows you to generate logos in a wide variety of styles with configurable options, at a level of quality comparable to professionally done graphic design work. Posted October 17, 1998.

Jean-Sebastien and Melanie's Homebrewery - The evolution and current design of their Homebrewery, the recipes of their award winning beers (complete with judges comments) and related reference materials. Posted October 15, 1998.

Originalab-3B2Online - Online-Design for FREE! Get a PDF-file back in seconds. Take the file to your print-shop or print on your colour printer. Business cards, stationery (8 different items), 22 designs, calenders, PDF-greeting cards, PDF-E-cards. Posted October 13, 1998.

AGAG - Animated Gif Artists Guild - AGAG is a non-profit site devoted entirely to Gif89a animation. It has tutorials teaching gif animation from the beginner level to the very advanced level. It also has a monthly contest, and an archive of superb gif animations for use on non-commercial web sites. Posted October 5, 1998.

Chris Photoshop Site - Here you'll find nice tips and tutorials for improving your use of Adobe Photoshop, plus some cool, free graphics for you using the techniques that are demonstrated. Posted September 30, 1998.

Morrie Sacks Divorce Law and Canadian Law Library - This site offers comprehensive, useful information about Divorce and Family Law in Canada covering subjects such as custody, access, property division, separation agreements, and the New Canadian Child Support Guidelines. Posted September 23, 1998.

Pets on the Web - If you have pets, particularly dogs, this site offers tips for you about care and feeding, choosing the right pet for your environment, and even pet humor. Check it out. Posted September 23, 1998.

Music Notes - is designed to teach people about many aspects of music. Using the internet style of learning they created a web site that is both informative and fun for music students. Posted September 20, 1998.

Designer Genes - You can discover genetics in an easy-to-understand style and interact with experts in the biotech industry. This site is an excellent resource for both students and teachers. Posted September 17, 1998.

A Light in the Darkness - This site offers peer support to all those suffering from mood disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, DID, and self-injury. You will find resource links, descriptions & treatments, creative expression, and discussion forums. Posted September 15, 1998.

2112 F/X - Provides 3d graphics, animation, streaming video, and custom programming services to internet site design and other Fortune 1000 firms. They have a large free area for the general public too. Posted September 9, 1998.

The Horizon - A graphically pleasing, helpful site for artists and web designers. Provides tips on html and design, many original graphics and animations, and links to the best places to get them. Full of Helpware. Posted September 8, 1998.

Emperial Design - Web Design and Graphics, 3d, Advertising, Free Downloads, Business Utilities, Portfolio of work (Animations, Logos, Banners, 3d Rooms, 3d Landscapes, Photomontages, etc.) A loaded site. Posted September 5, 1998.

MADMAN's Web Builder Support - If you are just getting started with a Web presence, this would be a good place to start to pick up Helpware tips. Graphics, sounds, scripts, design, and basic promotion are all covered. Posted August 22, 1998.

Raul Rangel Graphic Designer - Located in Brazil, this graphic artist and designer specializes in corporate logos, book jackets, and Web design. If you need these services south of the equator, check him out. Posted August 16, 1998.

Madania Site - One of the most superb graphic artists I've encountered on the Web. This site has Virtual Tours, help with HTML and Java, and much more. Simply stated, a must see. Posted August 10, 1998.

Cheat City - Over 400 Cheats & Codes For Video Game Systems, News & Notes From The Gaming Industry, Great Links, and a lot more. A must visit for gaming aficionados. Posted August 8, 1998.

Thames Coffee-House - This site combines digital rendering with sophisticated programming to create artistic presentation of HTML writing, with JavaScript enhancement. Well worth a bookmark. Posted July 2, 1998.

Consumer Games is dedicated to people who enjoy playing games online. Here you can see reviews, FAQs, and hints for the most popular games. Posted July 2, 1998.

Ekner's Java Place in Cyberspace - JavaScript links, Java applet links, free homepage stuff, HTML tutorials, Java tutorials, and awards. Posted June 27, 1998.

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