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Internet Brothers Presents - Web Awards for the New Millennium

Award Sites Level 5.0 Website Awards World's Top Award "Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense." — Thomas Arnold Bennett

Internet Brothers Presents: Winners for October 1999

Internet Brothers Presents: Site of the Month

Electricity Online Logo - Copyright © 1999 Electricity Online. Electricity Online - A fun and interactive study of Electricity, its applications and history. It features many interactive experiments and visual demonstrations, as well as areas for student and educator participation. A carry over from the IBPHE, Electricity Online is our Site of the Month from September 1999.

Internet Brothers Presents: Elite Sites

Copyright © 1999 Saucy Tomato Design

Evolution of the Weasel - Fun, brilliant design, fun, exceptional art, fun, splendid tips and tutorials, and did we say fun? R. Elise Marks is Saucy Tomato Design, your host for the lovable, hornery, and totally Zesty Weasel. Be prepared to laugh while you learn.






Fortress Web Design - would easily qualify for nearly all of our category awards. This site by Tom Speer gets better and better with each iteration. Some of the world's best web design tutorials, a business that includes superior graphic design and web hosting services, and a wealth of developer resources make this presence solid as a rock.

Copyright © 1999 Fortress Web Design




Copyright © 1999 The Beeline

The Beeline @ is the original Beehive, a prototypical community Web site serving South Central Indiana and Bee-yond. Created over a 5-year period by Míc Miller, its Netizen approach and Helpware attitude make it the Web Army Knife™ for the Information Age. Pioneering comes to mind.




Internet Brothers Presents: Advanced Technology

2112 F/X

Internet Brothers Presents: Children - The Future Looks Bright

Lissa Explains

Internet Brothers Presents: Helpware and Community

Digital Divas
Kathi's ASP Tutorials
Endangered Species 2000

Internet Brothers Presents: Commercial Business

Thola Productions
Syndistar, Inc.
The Chapman Company
Your Financial Planner

Internet Brothers Presents: Artistry and Design

Set City
Believe 2 Achieve
Dynamite Digital
D Filipino Connection
Jeff Irish Photography

"I checked out a number of your new award winners, various categories — awesome stuff. It's great to be able to visit a site that maintains the highest of standards as far as awards go — your award winners truly deserve theirs." — D Giroux

We made many friends and lasting relationships through our previous award program, the Internet Brothers Plaque for Helpware Excellence. We reviewed many excellent and educational sites and always enjoyed the reactions of the winners of our awards. As a commitment to the dedication and hard work put in by those many wonderful webmasters, we will always continue to make our former winners lists available to them and our visitors. Go here to meet them.

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