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Copyright jenett webthings. All Rights Reserved. jenett webthings — a personal work by Joe Jenett that is a reaction to what the web has become and a mission to promote and renew a spirit of the web that has to do with people and creativity and personal expression — it's an effort to enjoy what's unique about the new medium, and to provide alternative ways for independent, creative web builders to network and get real exposure. Entertaining, engaging, interactive, and successful. Our pick for Site of the Month from May 2000.

Elite Sites

Copyright Sweet Aspirations. All Rights Reserved. Aspirations to Sweetness — a creative journey through hope, exploring beauty, and understanding aspirations. This personal site by Jann inspires as it aspires, leaving one in a state of contemplative reflection. Compelling in its demeanor, captivating with art and poetry — don't be in a hurry. This is sweetness personified.

Copyright Icebox. All Rights Reserved. Icebox produces original animated shows, created exclusively for the Web by Hollywood's top writers and animators. Every day Icebox features five new series in production, with a new episode released every weekday. Each episode is 1-6 minutes in length, so that it can be conveniently downloaded and viewed. Icebox also showcases amateur shorts submitted by talented animators from around the world. Parental Advisory — contains some adult language.

Advanced Technology

Dream Doll Designer
E-Business Network

Children's Award

Thu's Page

Design and Artistry

Monty Browne Portfolio
fml SpaceArt gallery
Manic Automatic
Media Haus Kreaktiv

Helpware and Community

Maestro Awards
Cyber Ink Design
Hands On Plastics
Quodlibet Online Journal


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