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Copyright Sweet Aspirations. All Rights Reserved.
Aspirations to Sweetness — a creative journey through hope, exploring beauty, and understanding aspirations. This personal site by Jann inspires as it aspires, leaving one in a state of contemplative reflection. Compelling in its demeanor, captivating with art and poetry — don't be in a hurry. This is sweetness personified.

Elite Sites

Copyright Muses Muse. All Rights Reserved. The Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource — Your place for songwriting tips, tools, interactivities and connecting with other songwriters around the world. Presented by Jodi Krangle, this is a resource bonanza with lots to do, see, hear, learn, and most of all, enjoy.

Advanced Technology

Aural Stimuli
Artificial Life
Totally Tom
iframe Corporation

Children's Award

none so far

Design and Artistry Gallery
Ondrea Barbe Photography
Able Muse
Orb 2 Interactive Technologies

Helpware and Community

Spider Food
BMT Support Group
About Diabetes
John Muir Exhibit


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