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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

Gold Plaque Winners for September 1999

Syndistar, Inc. A Leader in Educational Media - a large variety of educational videos and print materials on topics such as School Violence, Drug Education and Preventon, Fire Prevention, Health and Safety and Career Awareness and Training. All products are developed for multiple age groups and provide a good resource for teachers and parents alike. Posted September 29, 1999.

Kathi's ASP Tutorials & Web Resources - features a full-cycle ASP/database tutorial as its centerpiece, with additional shorter ASP tutorials and examples. Source for scripts provided; sample scripts and a simple guestbook application are available for download. Reviewed web resources round out the site. This site a must for learning ASP. Posted September 29, 1999.

E - creative writing that includes poetry and photographs, a story-in-progress, Alexander Pushkin and Fallingwater tributes. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, in order to create a system in which the writings and graphics work together — not against each other. Also sponsors a nice web award for writers. Parental advisory: contains minimal profanity. Posted September 25, 1999.

Jezebel... A site for sore eyes - A unique personal site with hip virtual greetings, original free backgrounds, the somewhat daily ditty and much, much more. This excruciatingly talented digital diva has been around nearly since the inception of the web. Don't miss the wealth of design advice. Posted September 20, 1999.

UCS: The Ultimate Computer Source - Tons of information about computers and computer related things (programming, history, operating systems). Tired of learning? Check out the interactive features ... games, simulations, and Compu-Stu!; a floating Q&A guy. Posted September 19, 1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

Living as a Manic Depressive: a bipolar site - The core of the site is a diary of what it feels like to be bipolar — what depression feels like, what mania feels like, how scary it can be, practical problems and concerns — all on a day to day level. It is intended to fall halfway between being an emotional support for bipolar people and a clinical, dispassionate (and cold) analysis of being bipolar. A must read. Posted September 10, 1999.

itmWEB: The IT Professional's Homepage - a vast collection of tools, news, features, and resources for information technology professionals. These range from systems development and programming content, to methodology and project management papers, to high quality news sources and technology links. Home of the itmWEB Information Technology Report. Posted September 3, 1999.

Electricity Online Is Our Site of the Month for September

Electricity Online - A fun and interactive study of Electricity, its applications and its history. Features many interactive experiments and visual demonstrations, as well as interactive areas for student and educator participation. Also selected 1999 IB Award of Distinction winner. Posted September 2, 1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

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