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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

 Gold Plaque Winners for June 1999 

iAgora Is Our Site of the Month for June

iAgora - created specifically for and by international people. By centralizing people and information, the site provides members with an efficient and fun way to communicate, thereby helping them to avoid certain problems related to traveling, living, and returning from abroad. Whether you go abroad to study, work, or travel, the iAgora community is always there. Also a winner of the IB Award of Distinction. Posted June 26, 1999.

Organisations@Onepine - Site about understanding organisational behaviour, models and management theories. For consultants, trainers, students, anyone interested in people at work and why they behave the way they do. Quite a compelling resource. Posted June 23, 1999.

Teletext Camell Expedition - Information about an eco-educational IT oriented expedition attempting the first circumnavigation of Australia with camels. Lots of interesting info about the expedition's camels, dogs, team members, etc. as well as helpful stuff for school children to use in their projects. Posted June 17, 1999.

nextNET / nextSteps - nextNET is an online career guide for young job seekers aged 16-24. nextSteps is a free online magazine offering labour market information on a different industry every month. They also have interview & resume tips, online career counseling and links to other job guides, job boards and job sites on the Internet. Definitely a helpful site. Posted June 14, 1999.

Technology Security Blanket - helpful resources about Information Technology subjects from an expert in the field; includes HTML for newcomers, a free and extensive custom graphics section, free email, a rated awards program and many other interesting tidbits. This is an extremely high quality Helpware site you are certain to learn from. Upgraded June 11, 1999.

1-On-1 Free Basketball Game - A unique, totally free online game. Over 7,000 players from around the world compete each week on the virtual courts. Eleven leagues, two weekly tourneys, and player vs. player challenges make for exciting, interactive fun and entertainment for all ages. Posted June 10, 1999. - aimed at helping both the new and experienced web developer. Here you will find news, product reviews, tips, tricks, and help for those seeking information about site building. It takes you from start to production, from the drawing board to the favorites list. Posted June 4, 1999.

Goldvisions: One-Stop Internet Marketing Center - Tips for marketing, higher ranking and effective web design. Free web tools, promotion sources, traffic plug-ins, and a free net marketing newsletter. This site is loaded with hot and timely information to make us all better webmasters. A true example of Helpware in action. Posted June 2, 1999.

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