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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

 Gold Plaque Winners for July 1999 

Robyn A Graphics - Robyn A creates a wide variety of types and styles of graphics. From digital artworks and logos, to web graphics sets and banner ads for the web, each graphic is a unique, custom designed creation by a professional artist. But this site is a lot more than that; the author takes the time to talk you through doing it yourself. Posted July 28, 1999.

Philosophy Research Base - features thousands of annotated links and text resources for philosophy research on the Internet. The ability to submit Call For Papers, submit suggestions, add URLs is included. This site also features a Newsletter and free email accounts as well as some of the finest navigation and indexing we have ever encountered. Posted July 23, 1999.

Wide Open Windows: Multipublishing and Training - a company specialized in Webdesign, Multimedia & DTP/Lay-out. Wide Open Windows organizes training in all major graphic computer programs. Tutorials, graphics support, and a demonstration portfolio provide excellent helpware for getting you on the right track. Posted July 16, 1999.

Colors of India Is Our Site of the Month for July

Colors of India - Festival of Colors - Virtual Holi - An interactive site celebrating in virtuality the Indian Festival of Colors (Holi). The colors are represented interactively by changes on a pattern. But don't stop there, this site is loaded with content, including in-depth plans for celebrating the solar eclipse event later this year. Colors of India is sure to catch attention. Posted July 8, 1999.

Robin's Web - helping the masses learn how to make better web pages, and doing it with flair. There are 10 major sections to this site: Interesting, Graphics, Inspiration, Web Polls, Midi Lyrics, Grins and Giggles, Food, Awards, Webrings and Personal. Many pages are really mini sites in and of themselves. Be sure to check out the 60's and 70's in the Interesting section, that's a popular place. Posted July 1, 1999.

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