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 Gold Plaque Winners for January 1999 

Ramada Limiteds, Inns, Plaza Hotels - In addition to information about Ramada locations and programs for business and leisure travelers, the site features include on-line reservations with immediate confirmation, and help with the meeting or events planning process. A business site that means business. Posted January 29, 1999.

Fortress Design Is Our Site of the Month

Fortress Web Design - sound advice on design and content for beginner and intermediate web designers. Variety is what makes the web so interesting. Basic design guidelines and examples that will improve the overall layout, content structure, and navigation of web pages. Presented January 26, 1999.

Nick's Cyber Notepad - Home to a well-traveled, brilliant graphic artist. Follow the journeys from the Phillipines to Saudi Arabia, then on to the United States, all the while reminding us to be gracious and thankful. A personal page with its priorities in the right place. Upgraded January 19, 1999.

joan stark's ASCII Art Gallery - pictures made from text characters -- and lots of it! There is more to ASCII art than simply being a graphic. It has progressed beyond being a low bandwidth computer graphic and has become a popular art form. People either really like ASCII art or they can't stand it; this one we think you'll love. Posted January 14, 1999.

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The Internet Brothers have implemented hierarchical menus for navigation. Easier done than said. In our effort to be friendly to all browsers, the menu tree is functional with version 4 or greater of both the Netscape and Internet Explorer products.

As stated above, hovering over the button will open the menu for these browsers. But if you have an older product, don't fret, we'll send you to the scum page. Just click the button.

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The hierarchical menus were created using Peter Belesis' Dynomat DHTML scripting tool from Give them a visit, you'll like what you learn.

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