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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

Gold Plaque Winners for August 1999

Modern Miracles: Organ Transplants - Included is general information regarding commonly transplanted organs as well as subject-specific topics, transplant history, and new alternatives. Provides many collaborative features such as user-submitted stories and a forum to encourage interaction. Posted August 24, 1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

ES2000: Endangered Species of the Next Millennium - get acquainted with the different endangered species that exist throughout the world. Track the latest developments of profiled species through communications with others. The site also features a highly interactive story, whereby users take on the role of animal protectors in search for stolen endangered species. Posted August 21, 1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

Laughing Out Loud to Good Health - a place for people to gain a deeper understanding into emotions, stress, and laughter and how each plays a vital role in our lives. The site teaches people how to harness the power of positive emotions in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is a universal concept to which we all can relate. Posted August 20, 1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant Is Our Site of the Month for August

Linda Cox E-Marketing Humor & Insight Site - Articles and an ezine for online marketers who want to put their feet up for a few minutes. Quickly becoming somewhat of a cult favorite, Linda's nonsensical writing style delivers some of the best common sense you will find anywhere. Don't miss it. Posted August 15, 1999.

Dr. Paul's Child Health and Wellness Information Site - provides parents with free, 24-hour-a-day access to child health information in a variety of media — including articles, illustrations, tips updated daily, weekly Ask DR. PAUL columns, weekly online chats and more. Posted August 11, 1999.

HTM-Hell: HTML for Newbies - Plain english tips, tricks and tutorials for HTML newbies presented with a no-nonsense, easy to learn approach. Tries to teach you how to teach yourself, and succeeds with flying colors. Posted August 8, 1999.

Eryn Welch's Honors Microbiology Project - an excellent resource for the non-major microbiology student. Presents information in an easy to understand, non-technical fashion, and at the same time, exposes the student to the power of the internet as a learning tool. Posted August 8, 1999.

Dan Kaplan's Run-Down Site - focuses on running, training, and good health. Items of note include: The Training Partner/Resource Locator, event calendars, training information, running and injury prevention tips, discussion forums, running quizzes, and monthly contests. Posted August 7, 1999.

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