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Internet Brothers: Helpware for the Cybercommunity - IBPHE Award Winners

 Gold Plaque Winners for April 1999 

Pacific SpecWare - virtual servers and business hosting. What sets this site apart from the rest, is the amount of open technical detail and techniques fully explained on the site. Most sites of this nature only provide this information to clients. Pacific however openly provides it as useful for anyone utilizing a UNIX/Apache based server. Internet business solutions with Helpware; a nice combination. Posted April 30, 1999.

Whispers online magazine for women - an interesting magazine for interesting women. It's about women helping women. They have articles on personal image, food, home, finance, computing, travel, entertainment and romance as well as chat and forums where they encourage you to barter your products or services. Internet Brothers will find this excellent compilation useful as well. Posted April 25, 1999.

Cheryl's Image Gallery - a vast collection of original art designed for use on the web. It contains well over ten thousand clip art images, backgrounds, bars, textures, tutorials, tips and more in hundreds of categories. All images are hand drawn originals, scanned and saved as gif files with a transparent background. Everything on this site is free to use on commercial or personal web pages by individuals or site designers. Posted April 14, 1999.

elise's zesty weasel Is Our Site of the Month

elise's zesty weasel - primarily, a bunch 'o fun. the weasel is a celebration-of-sorts of the design elements enjoyed by elise. it's where she has a good time - it's where she does what she wants instead of what the client wants - and it's where surfers can come for a refreshment, a laugh, a little jab of originality. loads of free graphics and tips/advice/info/resources for those just starting out. Posted April 14, 1999.

Advanced HTML by Examples - If you are willing to learn the latest web technologies or looking for tutorials about them, this site gives you plentiful resources for learning JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets and Dynamic HTML through practical examples. A beginning webmaster's paradise, Advanced HTML combines ease of learning with a certain flair for fun and enjoyment. Posted April 14, 1999.

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