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 Gold Plaque Winners from 1998 

Judy Vorfeld's Office Support Services - Sure, the site is owned by a secretarial service, but the main thrust is to help people starting out in small Internet businesses. Webgrammar's pages offer free articles, tips, tutorials, references, and links in the areas of grammar, typography, Web design, and marketing. Posted December 27, 1998.

Mental Graffiti Laboratories - Seatbelt your eyes for a therapeutic journey through the digital worlds of Mental Graffiti. View the digital art portfolio and much, much more! These guys take visual presentation to the next level. Posted November 27, 1998.

Website Awards, Home of the Awards Worksheet & Superb! Awards - One of the largest lists of Award Sites on the Web, and the only one that helps you track your applications for awards. Simple and easy to use, it's a great organizer! If you want to win web site awards, read this first. Upgraded November 24, 1998.

Putnam City North High School - One of the very best high school sites. Has superior content, original graphics, and a great design. Contains over 1,600 educational links and has won many major educational Internet homepage awards. Presented October 5, 1998.

Zentus.Com - If you are interested in Active Server Pages as a method of enhancing your Web capabilities, this would be a good place to start. Full of tips and samples, plus information about Windows NT, IIS, and PWS servers, this site is worth a Helpware bookmark. Upgraded October 4, 1998.

The Beeline - a prototypical community Web site serving South Central Indiana. Its approach makes it a Netizen's Web Army Knife for the Information Age. Contents include 6 menu styles, 16 local-to-global directory sections, Hivelights, freebies, Easter eggs, lists, and a lot more. Posted September 21, 1998.

Astronomy Interactive Network - a comprehensive source for information about radio and optical astronomy as well as the physics and history behind astronomy, the Big Bang, telescopes and biographies of astronomers. It includes games, quizzes, an image gallery, a glossary, a detailed timeline, quality links, searching capability and message boards for discussion. Posted September 20, 1998.

ABC Computing - Web design done right the first time. New design or site overhaul. FREE site analysis. FREE graphics optimization service. Business or personal. $100 to the first person to discover a spelling mistake anywhere within the site. The first business site to win the Gold Plaque. Posted August 30, 1998.

Marsden State High School - This web site provides information about the school, its curriculum and the extra-curricular activities available to students. As well, they have an activities center with a few brain teasers and tours. A remarkable resource for its students and community. Posted August 27, 1998.

Volcanoes Online - designed to educate students about volcanoes; more specifically, what a volcano is, how they are formed, and how eruptions affect us all. Visitors may test their knowledge of volcanoes with online games and multiple-choice quizzes. Posted August 24, 1998.

Resources for Networking Professionals - This site is dedicated to Networking Professionals everywhere....both experienced and beginners. The purpose is simply to advance the professionalism of computer networking by creating a forum to share resources and knowledge. Helpware to the max. Posted August 2, 1998.

GA's Webspace - The inspiration for my own awards program, Glenn Akiyama has struck the trifecta with outstanding Helpware, design and layout, and graphics artistry. If you are looking for a quality graphic artist and Web site designer for your business, you can't go wrong with GA's Web Design. Posted June 15, 1998.

Dave's Page - As Dave said in his application, "You'll find lots of photos of the mountains and deserts of the southwest." I found a lot more than that when I reviewed this beautiful photographic gallery. I'll let you discover the details yourself. Posted June 21, 1998.

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