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Bronze Plaque Winners for September 1999

BSA Troop 565 - Informative information about Boy Scout Troop 565 of Omaha, Ne. Includes history, organization, badges, knots, and other useful resources for boy scouts everywhere. Posted September 28,1999.

]sXang[ - an online portfolio. It shows intriguing interface, navigation and animation works. All of the stuff in the sXang presents a concept; changing, motion and streaming. Posted September 28,1999.

Troubleshooting and Resource Guide for Windows 95/98/ME - for non-technical users of Win95 who are flummoxed by their OS's strange functions (or non-functions), as well as users who want to get more out of Win95 without having to have a huge base of technical knowledge. Posted September 26,1999.

Redneck-Puters - Computer help for the everyday person, news, reference material and more. Everything is done "redneck" style. Nice layout and design. Posted September 26,1999.

Planet Quest - intended to intrigue and educate a person who doesn't know a whole lot about our solar system without overwhelming them. Interact with planetary scientists. Posted September 25,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

SiteWala - a web design and hosting business located in Bombay, India. The page layout is catchy and original. Posted September 22,1999.

Denver Master Gardener, Gardening & Horticulture - a volunteer, non-profit, educational site providing research based information on flowers, trees & shrubs, lawns, fruits & vegetables, houseplants and general gardening topics. Posted September 22,1999.

The Passing of a Century - This site is about the 20th Century, and has lots of useful information on events and trends, discoveries and milestones. Includes games, quizzes, polls, a forum and a visitors gallery. Posted September 20,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

Langley Regional Airport - showcases the airport facility (which is the top rated municipal airport in Canada) as well as explains the many events including the annual two day Langley Canada Day Celebrations that attracts more than 50,000. Posted September 19,1999.

HONDA - provides technical and modification info on HONDA XR off-road motorcycles, reviews on aftermarket parts and accessories, riding locations, pix and info about guest's bikes. Posted September 19,1999.

Utah: A Scenic Tour - These pages are filled with geological information, descriptions of the sights along the way, and with photos and accomodations information. Posted September 18,1999.

THE COSMOLOGY - an introductory cosmology site to learn about the whole universe. Users can explore the mysteries of the universe through reliable texts and tons of multimedia content such as animations, simulations, images and video-clips. Posted September 11,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

Essa Centennial Library Online - an extension of the local library of Essa township in Ontario, Canada. A place for people to learn more about the Library, Internet, Community Events, and a great place to start surfing the net. Posted September 11,1999.

Fried's things - site on weaving, gardening, html help, but mainly on graphics. Shows some of the developer's own graphics, and offers free background tiles and free bordered web sets. Posted September 11,1999.

Bits of Magic - a personal site of an Israeli woman, featuring her art, words (stories, dreams, etc.), her country, resources and a personal web directory. Very creative imagery. Posted September 11,1999.

Teaching Health and Using Technology - a junior high school teacher providing information, technology, and fun for his students and community. You will also see examples of student projects. Posted September 6,1999.

Muppet Central - the Internet's leading source for Jim Henson's Muppet News, Muppet Toys, and Collectibles. Chat, Message Boards, Cards, Reviews, Articles, Trivia Quizzes and Links are featured. Muppet Central is a fan based site which unites Muppet fans from around the world. Posted September 2,1999.

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