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 Bronze Plaque Winners for May 1999 

JP's Web - Tech tips, humor, awards, links, horoscopes, greeting cards... and a ton of other things. Posted May 31,1999.

Otakou New Zealand Online - Local area tourism with creativity, innovation, education, fun and having the sharing of planetary friendship as a priority. Posted May 30,1999.

Earthquake Central - dedicated to bringing the public news about natural disasters and also teaching them about how they can keep safe during disaster conditions. Posted May 30,1999.

Alohaaaa COCCYnelle - A personal homepage from a French Canadian heavy into CUSEEME interactive video. Lots of fun and surprises. Posted May 27,1999.

Timeless Hemingway - Everything Hemingway: quotes, photos, trivia, links, help center, quote finder, hem shop. Posted May 27,1999.

Environmental Connections - Canada - Index to environmental groups, primarily in Canada. Other links as a general info direct to government(Canada), also as secondary a list of sites in USA. Posted May 23,1999.

Rinoa Heartilly 's Shrine - one of the main cast of Final Fantasy VIII. You can find more information, pictures, sounds, quizzes, and if you have your own Final Fantasy Site you can apply for the "Best of FF Site Award." Posted May 23,1999.

Knights on the Net, The Home Page of Pen Argyl High School - designed and maintained by the web class at PAHS as a means of providing information to parents and the community about the school. Posted May 15,1999.

La tormentad - A virtual book of a virtual poet. In Spanish. Posted May 13,1999.

Kimagure Orange Road World - A lot of information about this animated series, pictures, songs and sounds, downloads and more. Posted May 10,1999.

FreewebCentral - this comprehensive and nicely conceived free site simplifies the Internet by offering only premier aspects of the best web sites in one, central location. Posted May 8,1999.

Linkkisivu - Linkpage - More than loads of links... this collaborative effort offers a unique and original layout and navigation. Posted May 6,1999.

ToolReviews - Overviews and ratings of free programs and online tools for webmasters, such as banner makers, link checkers, searchengine submitters and source validators. What to use, and what to lose. Posted May 3,1999.

DeWitt Industries Interactive - Every ware you need to build your own icons and buttons. You won't believe your eyes; you won't believe your image. What you will believe is what a helpful site this is. Posted May 2,1999.

The Indiscriminate Reader - Book Reviews - offers rated book reviews of today's popular fiction, including mystery, thriller and horror novels. A good selection; happy reading. Posted May 2,1999.

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