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 Bronze Plaque Winners for June 1999 

World Cup '99 - This site offers an innovative, interesting and intelligent analysis of the biggest show of the game of Cricket - World Cup '99. Comprehensive and informative. Posted June 28,1999.

Lucian's Web Graphics - exhibits lessons about, and original web graphics created with Paint Shop Pro 5. You can view the beautiful art, then see how it was done. Posted June 27,1999.

The Tale of Two Hazards - Rural town of 78 people discuss a topic only they can cover. What is it? We're not telling, but this site is a hoot. Don't miss it. Posted June 27,1999.

HomeGrown Graphic Workshop - Basic graphic tutorials and tips designed for the novice webmaster. Site focus is on simplicity rather than complexity or "high-tech" frills. Featured graphic editing package is Paint Shop Pro. A nice do it yourself site. Posted June 23,1999.

Virtual Office of Detailed Investigations, Inc. - Licensed detective agency offering online skip tracing, background investigation, court records & motor vehicle information. Free consultations via email. Video conferencing available. Posted June 22,1999.

Surfing Into Infinity - all about a progressive rock\metal band called Dream Theater. It contains a biography, song-samples, discography, misheard lyrics, a message board and much more. Posted June 20,1999.

Sakura Martial Arts Supplies - Equipment, Free Greeting Cards, Auction, Contests. Where warriors get their wares. Posted June 19,1999.

PhilDaPoohBear - personal homepage filled with pix, news, facts, animations, downloads, java, music, chat, livecam and much more. Posted June 18,1999. - a comprehensive guide and tool for all Microsoft Exchange users. It is constantly updated with new information which includes but is not limited to new product releases, new companies, new downloads and of course the monthly riddle which should not be missed!! Posted June 15,1999.

The Stafford's Website - an intimate portrayal of one family's life in the UK including an online diary. Posted June 14,1999.

METAPHYSICAL PAINTINGS by Julio Mateo - Abstract painting galleries with over 100 large-scale oil paintings based on sacred geometry's connections to art and nature, and art's relationship to cosmic creation. Posted June 13,1999.

BMGD/Brad Martin Graphic Design - the artist's online portfolio of graphic and web design. Posted June 11,1999.

Beecom Mechelen Belgium, Core Competence & Innovation - A service industry covering: software development, IT education, hardware backup, detachement and project management, and assistance. Posted June 11,1999.

Essence of Travel - dedicated to exposing the traveler to the entire experience, whether it's just around the corner or across the ocean. From the cultural awareness to what's the most comfortable attire to wear. Posted June 8,1999.

Sitestruct: Helping you build better websites - A guide to promoting your site, top ten website design tips plus a huge index of webmaster resources. Also, apply for awards for excellent site design and webmaster help content. Posted June 5,1999.

Capricornia - Reich der Fantasie - publishing house which produces fantasy and science fiction fanzines to help young talented authors gain popularity. From Germany. Posted June 1,1999.

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