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 Bronze Plaque Winners for July 1999 

Centro de Controle de Zoonoses - O CCZ de Uberlāndia, foi o primeiro do interior do Brasil, criado ainda no tempo PNZ - Programa de Controle de Zoonoses, inaugurado em 1988. Posted July 30,1999.

The Mutley Awards aim to reward excellence on the web. Well designed, easy to navigate, family friendly site that appeals to young and old alike. It is also the home of The Mutley Crew, a listing of award giving sites and resources. Posted July 30,1999.

Steliart Productions - the home page of Stelios Stavrinides: Graphic and Web Designer. Find graphics, photography, iconography; also free gif and midi collections, awards program and more. Posted July 28,1999.

Jay's Place - Family oriented site with helpful links for all. Features extensive use of DHTML and includes and a nice photography gallery. Posted July 28,1999.

Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang) - Lu Shui-Tian as taught by Master Bok-Nam Park. Ba Gua (Pa Kua) is the Chinese internal method for superior health and devastating self-defense. The FYI Page provides new instructive material with every new issue. Posted July 26,1999.

Pennsylvania Adoption Search Menu - the U.S. still primarily maintains a closed records adoption system which makes it difficult for birthparents and adoptees who wish to find one another. This site helps to clear the red tape in a simple "how-to" format. Posted July 23,1999.

USS Clamagore Veterans Association - A history of the submarine Clamagore, the crews who served on her, sea stories, photo galleries, and much more. Posted July 22,1999.

Spider Awareness Page - Information on spider robots, the good and bad points, and ways to welcome wanted spiders into sites and keep unwanted spiders out. Posted July 22,1999.

Primary Networks Help for Schools - dedicated to providing Primary schools with advice and resources to effectively use the Internet in the Primary classroom. Includes some graphics tips and guidelines. Posted July 21,1999.

Crumpled Papers - A collection of miscellaneous motivational inspirations, poetry, quotes, stories, graffiti, ramblings, etc. Free original web graphics and web design resources. Posted July 15,1999.

NeT-ArT - Artists and photographers portfolios, 70 artists in the virtual gallery, a new art exhibition every month, Catapultart (search engine specializing in art sites), articles, reviews, interviews, virtual Art-Postcard, free services and free advertising for the arts, from Italy. Posted July 15,1999.

Amazing Seattle Fractals! - an original fractal art site with an online fractal tutorial.The tutorial is designed to help anyone with little or no experience in creating these amazing images step by step. There are text descriptions as well as screen captures to clearly explain the process. Posted July 15,1999.

Mahopac High School - founded and maintained by students. It is important to represent the school and also get the community involved in education. The site is informative and advantageous to fellow students. Posted July 7,1999.

krupps stockholder - over 20 portfolios to east European stocks, many answers to tax problems, stock analyses, nice link collection for the stockholder. Stylish design. Posted July 3,1999.

Mr. Lewis Classroom - A science teacher in Tennessee presents a unique mix of class projects (toothpick bridges, catapults, roller coasters, and egg drops), class pictures, educational links. Posted July 3,1999.

The Bibliography of Ancient Egypt - The site offers a list, divided in categories, of books related to Ancient Egypt. It is frequently updated due to new titles made available to the general public. Posted July 3,1999.

AussieBirdKeeping - a fun and informative site pertaining to all aspects of parrots and parrot care. Geared towards both American and Australian viewers, something that no other bird site has done. Posted July 2,1999.

The Novel Enterprise - a comprehensive guide to the Star Trek novels, complete with timelines, synopses, author/subject/title indexes, and a book cover gallery. Posted July 1,1999.

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