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Bronze Plaque Winners for August 1999

Blue Ice Web Design - personal homepage, professional services as well as free help for beginners, plus the designers awards program. Upgraded August 30,1999.

Ceremonial Music Online - Everything needed to make quality ceremonial music sequences for all branches of service. Used by active, guard, & reserve, civilian police/fire depts., veterans and civic service organizations. Also used by loved ones of those who served for memorial services. Upgraded August 26,1999.

A-Z Typing and Word Processing Reference and Leisure Site - A-Z has tips on Letters, Resumes, Business Plans, Writing and Layout, plus Quotes. While the name may fool you, this site is really high-tech. Posted August 26,1999.

Thola Productions' High-End Remote Control Attractions - High-end remote control car, boat and hovercraft attractions for amusement parks and resort hotels. Very elegant presentation. Posted August 25,1999. - Alumni site for graduates of the Atlanta University Center. Features include communities, discussions, career center, events, and pictures of alumnus. Posted August 24,1999.

Teenage Health Interactive Network - includes a massive survey, forums, chat rooms, quizzes, content for teens, and a form to email a medical professional. Posted August 23,1999. Think Quest 1999 Competition Entrant

Movie Mumblings - Laid back reviews, release dates, trivia, and basic film info for the avid couch potato. Posted August 20,1999.

Mountain Ash Web Works - a very small web design company in northern Maine, but very big in quality and heart. Posted August 18,1999.

Toledo-Bend.Com - comprehensive information about Toledo Bend Reservoir and surrounding areas of Texas and Louisiana. Also, a little info for those wanting to set up their own web site as well as a "Color for the Colorblind" to help other colorblind webmasters. Upgraded August 14,1999.

ReNATssance Art - an educational resource on the history of art from the Renaissance to Impressionism. Loaded with works from the masters. Sure to invoke art appreciation in everyone. Posted August 14,1999. An Online Guide to Southside Virginia - Visit a small southern town. A business and travel oriented site with lots to offer the web surfer. Get to know the people, the history, the businesses. There's more than you'd believe of a small town! Posted August 9,1999.

West Springfield High School - a valuable tool for the school community and an integral part of the curriculum. It celebrates the technological development of the staff and students while providing significant depth of information. Posted August 9,1999.

Rathkamp Matchcover Society - Homepage for the largest phillumenic organization in North & South America, and the most comprehensisve site of its kind in the world. Posted August 7,1999.

PC Music - A Music, Software resource and information site. Learn all about MP3, check out the latest tunes, and track the hits. Posted August 6,1999.

Alken-Murray Corporation, Innovative Pollution Solutions - technical information on bioremediation, waste treatment, water treatment, aquatic restoration, grease and fats control, odor control, chemical water treatment for boilers and cooling towers. Posted August 4,1999.

GrannyDancer's World - Victorian family home with rooms for family members, friends and guests; nursery rhymes and poetry; special tributes and memorials; a serene and peaceful resting place on the Web. Posted August 4,1999.

The Story Exchange - allows visitors to read original short stories, essays, poems, and sketches, join in discussions about the short stories and other works, or submit their own writing for publication on the site. Posted August 1,1999.

Soliloquy...for writers, for poets - helping new and developing writers and poets since 1997. A help desk, annotated guides to online resources, literary classified advertising, articles, a writing career library, and a new newsletter are among Soliloquy's all-free services to the online writing community. Posted August 1,1999.

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