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Bronze Plaque Winners from 1998

Sales Creators Headquarters - From Spokane, Washington: A top sales and marketing company that has helped clients grow their businesses for more than twenty-five years. Posted December 29, 1998.

Philosophy Yogue - This site has as only one objective, the universal love. It contains mantras, legends, the masters' words. Posted December 18, 1998. - Free monthly updated information relating to home-business opportunities and Internet marketing. You will also find a free monthly newsletter. Posted December 15, 1998.

Graphics by Patti - Originally designed "linkware" graphic sets for personal home page use. Written with correct HTML. Posted December 5, 1998.

Futureland's Place - Located in Greece, this store features computer hardware & software, comics, Greek Search Engines, games, and free downloads. Posted November 27, 1998.

World of Buddhism - The aim of this site is to propagate and promote the learning and practicing of Buddhism. A tasteful, educational, and stimulating presentation. Posted November 26, 1998.

On Stage With Dr. Sin - Pagina da famosa banda brasileira Dr. Sin, onde os fãs brasileiros poderão encontrar tudo que sempre quiseram saber sobre a banda. Posted November 23, 1998.

Crystal Clear Reflections - Provides entertainment, information and products to stimulate your imagination, satisfy your curiosity and enhance your creativity. Posted November 19, 1998.

The Roman Empire - Here you will find a complete description of the Roman Empire, including the government, society, architecture, the army, and roman art. Wonderful graphics make this site fun for history buffs. Posted November 15, 1998.

Afterhours Inspirational Stories - Enjoy hundreds of free inspirational, motivational and upfilting stories, jokes, parables, quotations and poems that will touch your heart and change your life. Posted October 29, 1998.

KROW Webbing - Offering website design and graphics, consultations, training, Custom CDs for your Business Data, and Internet Research and Business Resources, this one-woman operation is one to keep your eye on. Posted October 23, 1998.

The Dual Recovery Anonymous 12 Step Program - DRA is an independent, self-help organization. Their goal is to help men and women who experience a dual illness. Posted October 21, 1998.

Marathon High School - Site is designed and maintained by students and features 2 web cams, a searchable SQL database of educational links, and up to date info for staff and students. Posted October 18, 1998.

Virtual Twilight - Home of the WorldSite Top 10 rankings and CareerLink Online job services. Striving to provide the very best in free web resources to both the novice and experienced webmaster. Posted October 13, 1998.

Asthma : research - A French doctor's devotion to his son is represented by his dedication to research about the disease that killed him. Posted September 30, 1998.

HelpBoard.Com - A place for networking professionals to gather and help each other with problems they encounter in their daily routine. It is modeled after Novell's CNENET, without the CNE requirement. Posted September 30, 1998.

Home of Believer - dragons, romance, poetry, games, photos taken during WWII in Indonesia and Europe. Something for everyone. Posted September 15, 1998.

Desert of the Klaus - Allles mögliche über Brotbackautomaten, Genealogie und Stephen King. Posted September 9, 1998.

CompuLink Online - Shareware, Software and Free Internet Promotion. This original software ranges from marketing assistance to weather database. Posted September 8, 1998.

Nick's Homepage - Family and Christian Values, photography, midis and graphics. This tour will take you from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia and the USA. Posted September 3, 1998.

The Rudge Family Page - This is a site devoted to the genealogy of the Rudge family. It includes information about the Rudge surname and also its associated coat of arms. Posted August 30, 1998.

Information City - Help for the new or experienced webmaster. Variety of free online tools, promotion resources, and software to help design, promote, and maintain your site. Posted August 28, 1998.

Free Webmaster Tools and Resources - This is a searchable directory of absolutely free high quality tools and resources for webmasters. Professionally organized. Posted August 21, 1998.

Mainz Athletics - If you like diamonds and horsehide, this site about baseball and softball in Germany will appeal to you. Very well presented. Posted August 19, 1998.

Aquaman's Aquarium - Free help to anyone who has problems with their aquarium or fish. FAQ area, aquarium tips, guestbook, messageboard, and more. Posted August 17, 1998.

s u r r e a l e s t a t e - A one-stop source of Internet real estate needs. Homes, Agents, Finances, and other resources are all part of the free content offered. Posted August 12, 1998.

Aquarium-Mania - Maintenance of aquarium and marine fish in Bahasa. This very colorful site will leave you swimming in joy. Posted August 10, 1998.

Dave's Page - here you will find art, music, and online postcards. Posted August 9, 1998.

Household Hints - A really nice Helpware resource for taking care of your home. Wonderful tips for the kitchen, garden, and elsewhere. Posted August 8, 1998.

CERAMICARTE - One man's contribution to art on the Web. Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings, Tapestry, Ceramics, and Pottery. Posted July 21, 1998.

Clue! Web Editing for Dummies - HTML tutorials laid out in the simplest forms for beginners in Web Editing. Posted July 17, 1998.

My Secret Garden - The everyday topic of gardening presented uniquely and creatively through original graphics and design. Posted July 12, 1998. CAN happen on the net - Personal homepage with submitted stories from people who have found their one and only via the Internet. Posted July 5, 1998.

Ryan's Graphics Center - A very tasteful combination of colors and text awaits visitors to this site. Ryan offers free, original Web graphics in exchange for a link. Posted July 1, 1998.

Something's Brewing - If you like beer, this is the page for you. Links to brewers and tips about doing your own fill these attractive pages. Posted June 26, 1998.

PC Support Page - FREE technical support available via on-line forms or email as well as an on-line form to ask PC related questions. Posted June 17, 1998.

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