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Site of the Month

Copyright Muses Muse. All Rights Reserved. The Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource - Your place for songwriting tips, tools, interactivities and connecting with other songwriters around the world. Presented by Jodi Krangle, this is a resource bonanza with lots to do, see, hear, learn, and most of all, enjoy. The Muse's Muse is our Site of the Month from July 2000.

Elite Sites

Copyright All Rights Reserved. - the first on-demand, broadband, sports highlight show. Seasonticket was the online balloting site for this year's MLB All-Star game. They also have agreements with Major league soccer, Arena Football, the National Hockey league, the CBA and others. This is your ESPN Sportscenter for the Internet Age. Enjoy the clean and exciting interface and personal interaction.

Copyright MUVA El Pais. All Rights Reserved. MUVA Virtual Museum of Arts El PAIS is devoted to Uruguayan and Latin American art. The sponsor is the El PAIS newspaper and the director is the art historian Alicia Haber. MUVA is devoted to quality, content, education, information and recreation through the knowledge of visual arts. This website is both a visual and a reading environment. In Spanish and English.

Copyright Transparency. All Rights Reserved. by Ken Sanes. This media literacy site makes all forms of media transparent to visitors. It reveals the hidden meanings in movies, television, news, theme parks, advertising, video games, web sites, and so on. The site is designed to, itself, be transparent to readers with a home page that provides a maximum view of what is available. The idea is to provide a model for how content-rich sites can be designed, and it succeeds.

Advanced Technology

Urban Box Office Network
Dammar, Design & Multimedia

Children's Award

none so far

Design and Artistry

Lizette &
iSTYLETV Classic Cars
Sterling Designs

Helpware and Community

Cornell Plantations
Executive Branch Television


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