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Internet Brothers Presents - Web Awards for the New Millennium

"Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense." — Thomas Arnold Bennett

Internet Brothers Presents: Winners for April 2000

Internet Brothers Presents: Site of the Month

The Jim Dandy interface at DHTML Nirvana DHTML Nirvana - Dynamic HTML tutorials and free DHTML scripts from Eddie Traversa featuring the Nirvana, Jim Dandy, and Pretty Lady interfaces. This site deploys the latest advanced web multimedia presentation techniques with color and style that accentuates the experience. Best of all, Eddie tells us exactly how it's done. Don't miss the in-depth tutorials, sample scripts, and example objects and styles. That is why DHTML Nirvana is our Site of the Month from March.

Internet Brothers Presents: Elite Sites - Search Made Simple - operates an online marketplace that introduces consumers and advertisers. Consumers conduct searches using the search service at its Web site and through its affiliate partners. Advertisers bid in an ongoing auction for priority placement in the search results. This dynamic, together with a streamlined search method, improves a consumer's ability to quickly and easily find relevant Web sites providing products, services and information.

W3Nation - Where everyone has access to the code W3Nation Network - guides you through early learning and takes you beyond the advanced level of authoring to become a consummate web professional. Look for a clear understanding of all web publishing topics and terms, as well as a great source for downloadable templates, scripts, buttons, banners, animations, graphics and other web related files. The world wide web is growing at a furious pace. The W3Nation Network of sites will help you keep up.

Diesel - New Reality, New Vision
Diesel - is a fast growth organization that is focusing on acquiring, developing and retaining the best intellectual capital available. Strategists, graphic designers, writers, programmers, engineers, project managers, analysts and art directors work in close partnership to develop the communication tools required to reach the new consumer with New Communication. Diesel has offices in Montréal and Toronto, Canada.

Internet Brothers Presents: Advanced Technology

Dreamweaver Dabbling
Diebold 1999 eAnnual

Internet Brothers Presents: Children - The Future Looks Bright

Carcross Community School
CART Rock!

Internet Brothers Presents: Helpware and Community

Search Tactics
Robyn's Nest
Ad\Vantage Pawluk
Playing With Fire
Babylon Translator
Pioneer Thinking
Cool Resources

Internet Brothers Presents: Artistry and Design

The Changing Face of Beauty
Pit of Advertising Wonders

Internet Brothers Presents: Commercial Business

Previous Internet Brothers Presents winners may be found here:

October 1999    |    November 1999   |    December 1999   |    January 2000

February 2000    |   March 2000

We made many friends and lasting relationships through our previous award program, the Internet Brothers Plaque for Helpware Excellence. We reviewed many excellent and educational sites and always enjoyed the reactions of the winners of our awards. As a commitment to the dedication and hard work put in by those many wonderful webmasters, we will always continue to make our former winners lists available to them and our visitors. You can look at it as a small directory of really good web sites. Go here to meet them.

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