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1999 Internet Brothers Presents Site of the Year November 27, 1999 - As we approach the final month of 1999 and the imminent arrival of Y2K, it's time to begin the selection process for our Site of the Year award. You can help to bring in the new millennium with a bang by casting your ballot for the best of the best. We've listed all the candidates; give them a visit then tell us who you like most.

November 19, 1999 - OK, fellow Helpware netizens. It's nail biting time. Our button design contest has entered the final round. Tensions are high, the contestants are sweating, and it's time to pick the winner. Cast your vote, and while you're at it, treat yourself to a free e-book courtesy of our good friend Merle. It's our thanks to you for taking the time.

Light up your web page for the holidays November 13, 1999 - Spread some Christmas cheer. Create a festive mood on your web page with these free seasonal graphics straight from the Internet Brothers workshop. Just in time for the holidays, the only requirement is that you be nice to somebody. You can do it. As the end of the year draws nigh, it's time for the fearless prognosticators to come out of the woodwork. We're no exception. Come have a look at our bold speculations about the Internet, Personal Computing, Entertainment, and Y2K in Predictions 2000.

Míc Miller - The Beeline November 6, 1999 - Our Interviews with the Masters series returns with Míc Miller, founder of The Beeline @, a legacy web site that breaks the mold of tired, old search engines, and offers its community area information retrieval with a local to global scope. A brilliant information architect, Míc guides us through the formulation of his original technology with an eye toward the future. You might want to put on your thinking cap; Míc will definitely give you plenty of ideas for improving your potential, and adjusting your view of the Net.

October 31, 1999 - Researchers at IBM may have a solution to the problem of that clunky, space-eating desktop computer monitor. Read about their recent discoveries in our latest edition of Future Shock. We've also selected our Site of the Month for October. It is Your Financial Planner from Ric Edelman. Check it out at IB Presents.

Graphics Layers Make Your Job Easier October 9, 1999 - A guest article from Robyn A Harton, designer and developer of Robyn A Graphics. Using layers makes it so much easier to edit graphics. Objects on separate layers are simple to move, recolor, select for filtering, and more. You can also get a huge number of interesting effects by using transparency and blend modes on a layer. See it done in our Graphics Tips section.

Merle - MC Promotions October 4, 1999 - Components of a Great Website, a guest article by Merle of MC Promotions. She covers the planning phase, choosing a navigational concept, including contact information and search capability, balancing your use of graphics, and keeping it evergreen. Anyone can get on the Information Super Highway, it's up to you what kind of car you want to be seen in. Merle has also provided us with a wonderful offer to help entice you to vote in our button design contest. Get her totally free e-book about web site marketing.

October 1, 1999 - Professionalize the quality of your graphic text or circular artwork with an important technique in the tool belt of any contemporary image editing program. The use of gradients, and anti-aliasing, can help make the difference between impressive design skill or sticking with your day job. Which will it be?

Internet Brothers Presents Elite Sites September 26, 1999 - We have retired an old friend this weekend, but introduce you to a brand new one to keep you comfortable. The Internet Brothers Plaques for Helpware Excellence are no more, but you will always be able to visit the previous winners. In its place is our more contemporary web awards program, Internet Brothers Presents. We have added many new categories, including Design and Artistry, Advanced Technology, Helpware and Community, Commercial Business, and one for the Children that are our future. We made a lot of great friends and relationships with IBPHE, but assure you the new venture will be even more exciting for both you and us. Many, many thanks and kudos to Elise Marks of Saucy Tomato Design for her guidance, insight, patience, and tolerance during this project.

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