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Goldvisions Online Success Community -
		Copyright  1999 Goldvisions. September 18, 1999 - Fawad Ahmed of the Goldvisions Online Success Community offers six common sense and effective tips for improving web site visibility. According to Fawad, "only one thing is certain about succeeding on the net: it takes time." It also takes patience and diligence. Here is some solid advice to aid your efforts.

Copyright  1994-99 Yahoo! Inc. All Rights Reserved.September 12, 1999 - The most popular web site directory can also be the most frustrating. It takes patience, persistence, and even a bit of luck to get listed in Yahoo! Here we let you in on the tactics we used to beat the odds and get those hits rolling. We call it Yahoo! We Made It.

Professional Logo Design September 11, 1999 - Internet Brothers announces our new affiliation with professional graphic designer Steve Kiene of Vail Printing and Office Supply. Well known for his work in the Colorado resort community, Steve now offers his services globally through us. Looking for that professional touch for your company or event logo? We guarantee top-quality, affordable logo development.

Electricity Online ... Copyright  1999 Electricity Online. September 3, 1999 - Electricity Online becomes the fifth winner of the Internet Brothers Award of Distinction. It features many interactive experiments and visual demonstrations, as well as interactive areas for student and educator participation. A fun and entertaining study of Electricity; be sure to treat yourself to this outstanding web development.

September 1, 1999 - has been selected as our Site of the Month for August. Enjoy articles and an ezine for online marketers who want to put their feet up for a few minutes.

Ei Web Promotion - Be the Search Engine ... Copyright  1999 Ei Web Promotion. August 23, 1999 - Matthew Blevins and Michael Wist of Ei Web Promotion tell us that in a world dominated by meta tags, banner rotation ratios, and mass e-mailings, the most basic, and arguably the most effective method of advertising, remains the communication of information from one friend or associate to another. Check out their guest article "Word of Mouth Advertising Works" in our web site promotion section.

August 21, 1999 - Cascading Style Sheets allow you to adjust the traits that define how text, tagged with a given HTML element, is displayed. Follow along as we introduce you to this up and coming, but still not fully supported, technology that allows for ease of consistency across your web site.

FAQ Answer Bros August 15, 1999 - Lots of sites these days have Frequently Asked Questions. We actually have answers. The questions and answers don't necessarily match, but you'll just have to find out. Don't you think, or don't you?

Alignment is Important August 14, 1999 - We've put together a whole new section of tips for you this weekend. Boldly stepping into territory where we have no business, we offer Layout and Design for your criticism. Please be gentle. You'll find advice for the no-talent artist (been there, done that), enhancements for readability with margins and page alignment, as well as some examples of color spectrum do's and don'ts. What will these guys think of next?

Internet Brothers Plaque for Helpware Excellence August 1, 1999 - You may have noticed a sparcity of new content in recent weeks. Aside from an admitted creative block, we've used this recent time to catch up on award applications. Surging popularity of the Internet Brothers Plaque for Helpware Excellence has generated a lot more reviews, but also a lot more great sites on our winners list. Please have a look. We would also like to congratulate our Site of the Month choice for July, Colors of India.

July 19, 1999 - Hey people. Things have slowed to a crawl in the Button Design Contest voting. Please stop by the contest page and cast your votes. It's entirely painless and for a worthy cause.

July 14, 1999 - IBM, Microsoft, and other giants have said they won't do business with anyone not displaying a privacy statement. We're ready now. Show us the money. Seriously though, we mean what we say.

July 10, 1999 - Dump that useless counter and get tracking! Getting listed with search engines is only the beginning. You must determine the effectiveness of your web site promotion. To know that, statistical analysis and demographics about visitors to your cyberhome are critical. Knowing how many is not knowing much.

Boycott Yahoo! July 3, 1999 - Internet Brothers first made its presence known in March 1997 with a photographic gallery located on the free web hosting service Geocities. We enjoyed the relationship most of the time, there were a few rocky injections by the host, but since the acquisition of Geocities by Yahoo!, they have simply gone too far. We have demanded Yahoo! remove our site immediately. Since there are hundreds of thousands of others who have done the same, it might take them awhile, so you may want to make one last visit to our birth, just for old times sake. Then come back and read our opinion on this matter. Flash! On July 7th Yahoo succumbed to boycott pressure and removed offending terminology from their GeoCities Terms of Service.


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