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Internet Brothers Presents: Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology Award Criteria

Effective use of leading-edge technology. Innovation is intended to be developed fully. Programmers at the browser labs don't add functionality to their products so you will continue to use the <blink> tag. Are you doing pioneering work with dynamic objects or server-side databases? Animated gifs have been around for awhile; Flash is here to take its place. XML, SMIL, QTVR; they may just be acronyms to some, but to those utilizing these technologies in a productive fashion, we will take notice.

Please warn us about plug-ins. Many of the cutting-edge technologies are not yet mainstream. If you have implemented non-imbedded plug-ins or controls, give us a heads-up so we can be prepared. We don't mind downloading them, but give us some advance warning about why it seems your site isn't doing anything.

Vision. Remember the Java clocks? Everyone used to put one on their pages. Why? Just because they could. Use of advanced technologies should be planned and effectively executed. Don't do something just because you can. Do something because it enhances functionality and provides solutions.

Audio/video integration. Streaming media is at the forefront of television — web crossover. If you are employing tools like MS Agent, Real, Beatnik, or QuickTime you are ahead of the pack. But please don't present screaming media.

Sound, functional interface. A primary key to any successful web site is the user interface. There are many fundamentally sound constructs of navigation and usability. If yours is creative and original you have what we're looking for.

Interactivity. As the web continues to evolve, the user likes to become more involved. Communicating with the individual rather than the masses gives them a sense of comfort. Back end programming enhances your ability to tailor your resources for the little guy, making him feel a part of it.

Remember this secret password. You will need it on your application. (saucy tomato)

Unlike many awards that score on some form of points system, Internet Brothers Presents is purely subjective. There are, however, certain tenets and principles of sound web development that we look for.

If you are interested, we've put together a series of suggested do's and don'ts we have learned over the years that may help you build a better site and improve your chances of winning one of our awards.

Submit your application.

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