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1999 Site of the Year

      It's The End Of The World As We Know It...Again — An historical overview/personal commentary on apocalyptic prophecy, Millennial Madness and the phenomenon of Doomsday obsession. Timely is one word that comes to mind. With all the recent interest in end of year, end of decade, end of century, and end of millennium; why not the end of the world too.

     The brainchild of Alma Geddon (now there's an appropriate name if we ever heard one), ITEOTWAWKIA swept the competition scoring both the People's Choice and Internet Brothers Presents honors. Alma has been presented the trophy image to display on her site, and will be featured on this page throughout 2000. A nice way to counter the doomsayers.

1540 Webmasters and websites applied for Internet Brothers awards in 1999. Every single one of them was reviewed by at least one member of our panel. We made lasting friendships with many of the applicants, and discovered some amazing talent, but the site you see here is the best of the best. We realize that's just our humble opinion, but you seemed to agree, as 35% of the votes cast in our six week competition chose ITEOTWAWKIA from the 14 finalists.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It...Again We won't tell you a lot about the site because we want you to visit it for yourself, but the writing of Alma Geddon is superb. It will leave you enthralled for days as you learn of the origin of calendars, and the wacky, unfortunate prognosticators. It is simply incredible. Fun, entertaining, educational, engaging; all these adjectives can't adequately describe the quality of her writing and research. Her style captures the reader, conjuring images in the mind as one considers events in perspective. Finally, to assure you we hold no prejudice against the free web hosts, this site resides on GeoCities/Yahoo!

Honorable Mentions

      Bald Eagle Information — The work of Hope Rutledge, learn about the noble bird of prey at this absolutely gorgeous and stunning tribute. Once endangered in all of the lower 48 states, the bald eagle's status was upgraded to "threatened" in 1994.

      Greets — Enables consumers to create and send customized and personalized greetings. Greeting Gifts are rich multimedia created on the Internet and delivered to the recipient via CD-ROM. Why send a card when you can send a party?

      Your Financial PlannerRic Edelman's knowledge, innovative advice and services, combined with his ability to explain complex financial concepts in a fun and entertaining way, helps his audiences improve their understanding about money.

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