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The Internet Brothers like to travel, and when we do, we take lots of pictures. Traditional single lens reflex on film, video tape, and the latest digital photography keep us busy. Join us on this cybertour through some of the most beautiful places on the North American continent; the national parks and monuments of the desert southwest, the high mountains of the Colorado Rockies and southern Appalachians. As a special treat, we'll even take a look at some of your favorite photos. Just send them as an email attachment, and we'll add you to our Visual Guest Book.

Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park

It's Great to Be Out in Nature

America's National Parks — Rarely have we experienced time so peaceful and enjoyable as when marveling at the beauty and adventure offered by the U.S. National Park System. Come with us on this photo-tour through some of the most stunning geological wonders found in America.

America's National Monuments — Not quite a national park, but still a great place to go. National monuments are perhaps smaller geographically, or maybe a little harder to get to than their big brother parks. You will always enjoy terrific scenery, a warm reception from the park service, and maybe a less crowded environment for your visit with nature.

Appalachian Highlands — Nestled among the trees and waters of Monongahela National Forest in mid-eastern West Virginia lies the Cranberry Wilderness. Home to the Highland Scenic Highway, Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, and Hill Creek Falls this luscious Appalachian landscape is a colorful spring delight for eastern mountain adventurers.

Blue Ridge Parkway — Designed as a "scenic drive", the Parkway provides both stunning scenery and close-up looks at the natural and cultural history of the mountains. It means many things to many people. A road to get from here to there, a destination to hike, the opportunity for solitude, the chance to be with friends. The experience can be very personal.

Lake Tahoe — Arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, there was definitely divine favor cast upon this area that borders Nevada and California in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. A near-perfect melding of water, forest, mountains, and sky — Lake Tahoe is one place we won't soon forget. If you've never been there, perhaps these photos will help entice you.

Arizona — If you want to see and feel the Arizona experience, but avoid the tourist trap, check out Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Reservation. Home to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and the only one day Grand Canyon whitewater rafting, this hideaway is somewhat off the beaten path. Arizona runs the gamut of scenic beauty, from the dryest desert to green forests and red rocks.

Mountain Scenery — Colorado Bro lives in the Rocky Mountains; North Carolina Bro lives in the Appalachians. Each year we cross the country to spend time with each other and explore the bountiful wonder that is these two great mountain chains. We both like to hike and we both love to take pictures, so what you see here is the end results of our hobbies. We would be lost without the mountains.

Visual Guest Book — Help us share the richness of digital photography with the rest of the World Wide Web. If you have a beautiful photograph of your favorite scene, or your grandmother's beehive hairdo, send it to us with the email link at the bottom of this page, and we may post it for everyone to enjoy. No copyrighted material that does not belong to you.


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