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Lots of web sites have Guest Books where you may leave your mark. We've taken it a step further by asking you to send us your favorite photo, image, or caricature. They can be of you, your family, your pets, or even some of the terrific places you've visited in your adventures. Use the email button found elsewhere on this page to drop us a line, and while you're at it attach a part of your life. Don't be shy!

For Christmas my family bought me an 18" monitor on the theory that if you can't beat 'em join 'em, and that I might as well look at all my photos on a decent sized screen! The attached picture was taken (on my Olympus) at my work's Christmas Picnic, and is our son running around under a parachute silk! I love the look of sheer joy on his face — and the reflection of the silk on his sunglasses.

Cathie Tranent
  Parachute Silk
Photo by Cathie Tranent

Photo by Jodi Garrelts
  I ran across your website and really loved the guestbook. I took this picture of my daughter with an HP C618. I'm going to be getting a new camera with higher resolution and higher optical zoom some time within the next month — then I will really be cooking! Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful photographs — it is so amazing what can be captured on digital cameras.

Jodi Garrelts
Genoa, IL USA

This photo is of the Flour Tunnel place in the Israeli Dead Sea area. Great place!

David Kauffmann
  Flour Tunnel in Israel
Photo by David Kauffmann

Nobby's Beach
Photo by John Levett
  Here is a shot of one of our favourite locations. It's of Nobby's Beach in Newcastle,Australia. Photo on Fuji 602 zoom.

John Levett

This is the kind of web site that I have been searching for. A lot of good useful information and I think it's neat that you let your visitors share their pictures. My picture was taken of a praying mantis on my back deck. The six inch critter looked larger then life when I put my Epson 3100z camera in the macro mode to capture this photo.

George Taylor
Severna Park, Md.
  Praying Mantis
Photo by George Taylor

Sagamore Cranberries
Photo by Linda Monast
  Hello from Cape Cod, Mass. I was looking around the different photography sites and found yours. I have been taking digital photos for about three years now. I went from a Fuji two megapixel to a Sony Cybershot F717 five megapixel with a 10X zoom. Since I live on the cape, it only made sense to follow the cranberry process. This is my all-time favorite photo. It was taken from above a tractor trailer truck full of fresh, wet and ripe cranberries. Looking forward to more from your great site ... Thanks.

Linda Monast
Cape Cod, Mass.

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