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Lots of web sites have Guest Books where you may leave your mark. We've taken it a step further by asking you to send us your favorite photo, image, or caricature. They can be of you, your family, your pets, or even some of the terrific places you've visited in your adventures. Use the email button found elsewhere on this page to drop us a line, and while you're at it attach a part of your life. Don't be shy!

My favorite digital camera pic. Botanical Gardens in Brisbane. I hope you enjoy.

G C G (Kit) Turner
  Brisbane Botanical Gardens
Photo by Kit Turner

Reed Daughter
Photo by Tara Reed
  Hi! I found your web site after searching for info about digital cameras. The information you have on your site is very informative and it was just what I was looking for.

I take TONS of pictures of my kids. I recently bought a digital camera and now I am hooked!! Here is one of my daughters taken with the new camera. It's a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F717. Thanks for the info & great pictures!!

Tara Reed
Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you, Tara, for the kind words. (IB)

I am a native of WV and love sharing how beautiful the scenery is with anyone who would like to look! Hope you enjoy the picture I took last year. It is on the Cranberry River during a hunting trip.

Jason Ellis
West Virginia
  North Fork of the Cranberry River
Photo by Jason Ellis

Lamp Post in Autumn
Photo by Mike Wenham
  Hi InternetBrothers! Just looking around your site, some good advice and I like the visual guest book. I'm keen to try out your idea of joining together several pics to give a panoramic effect — I'd never thought of that.

My new camera is a Digital dream Quantum 3.2. I've attached a pic I took a couple of days ago near where I work in Beaconsfield, England. It's of an old English style lamp post with some nice autumn coloured trees. Please put on your visual guest book if you think it's good enough! Thanks.

Mike Wenham
Uxbridge, London, England

I just recently discovered your site and have been looking at it quite often. Thanks for putting up such a great and informative collection of tips and links etc., very interesting and helpful!

I captured this picture just a couple of weeks ago with my Panasonic LC40S. It was shot at 2240x1680, then cropped a little to draw focus to the water drops a bit more. It's not the absolute greatest picture but for my skill level and knowledge, it's nice to see I'm going in my desired direction with regard to lighting and detail.

I love photography, especially now in the digital world with the endless possibilities available. Please consider my photo for your visual guestbook. Thanks again for a great site — much appreciated.

Rick Pennington
Washington — The Beautiful Pacific Northwest
  Water Drops on a Flower
Photo by Rick Pennington

Photo by David Nicholls
  Here is an example of my fascination with macro photography on a spray of dalias with my Canon S40.

David Nicholls
Victoria, BC, Canada

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