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Lots of web sites have Guest Books where you may leave your mark. We've taken it a step further by asking you to send us your favorite photo, image, or caricature. They can be of you, your family, your pets, or even some of the terrific places you've visited in your adventures. Use the email button found elsewhere on this page to drop us a line, and while you're at it attach a part of your life. Don't be shy!

Chicago Botanical Garden
Photo by Cathie Tranent
  Love your site! This was taken on an old mine site in Broken Hill, Australia ... on a "normal" camera. I then faded it out using Paint Shop Pro 6. I am in the process of buying an Olympus MJU300 and can't wait!!

Cathie Tranent

This shot was taken with a Canon A20 at a local balloon fest. I still get a kick watching the guy with his 35 and all the lenses. Been there, done that. No more!

When is too many megs? Starting to shop for new 5-plus meg camera. Great site!

Jon Hiester
  Son at Ballpark
Photo by Jon Hiester

Dawson Butterfly
Photo by Trudi Hazlitt-Black
  Here is a photo I took while visiting an Indonesian forest. Thankfully the mother and baby were very co-operative. I took it on my Sony DSC-S85 Digital, which i really love. Hope you enjoy the photo.

Trudi Hazlitt-Black
Mapua, Nelson, New Zealand

This is one of those spur of the moment shots. It's a woodpecker in a pecan tree in the Florida Panhandle near Blackwater Forest. The picture was made with an Olympus C740. Thanks for the great website.

Shelby Atkins

And thanks for the kind words Shelby. (IB)
Photo by Shelby Atkins

Photo by Michael Roquois
  Hello, I'm Mike from the Philippines. I have an Olympus D550Z. Too bad it doesnt have a manual focus. Well, anyway, here's a sample of my artwork. I've always loved taking pictures.

Michael Roquois

I am Jithin S., a student doing my Masters in microelectronics at RMIT in Melbourne. I had gone to Great Ocean Road and taken this snap ... I used Nikon Coolpix 775.

With regards,

Jithin S.
  Coast Along Great Ocean Road
Photo by Jithin S.

Aroostook River Bridge
Photo by Ginny Sellars
  This was one of the first pictures I ever took with my Kodak DX4330. It was January 2, 2003 so I tell everyone it was 1-2-3! If you snowmobile in Aroostook County Maine, in the town of Washburn you will come upon this remodeled railroad tressel to carry you safely over the river. Enjoy!

Ginny Sellars

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