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Lots of web sites have Guest Books where you may leave your mark. We've taken it a step further by asking you to send us your favorite photo, image, or caricature. They can be of you, your family, your pets, or even some of the terrific places you've visited in your adventures. Use the email button found elsewhere on this page to drop us a line, and while you're at it attach a part of your life. Don't be shy!

Chicago Botanical Garden
Photo by Julian Szymanski
  Botanic Garden Chicago. Camera Olympus C-4000.

Julian Szymanski

Great site, Brothers. This is my son Charlie (age 6) at a minor league baseball game in Vermont. Taken with a Fuji Finepix 2650.

Raymond Halnon
  Son at Ballpark
Photo by Raymond Halnon

Dawson Butterfly
Photo by Wayne Dawson
  Great web site. Here is a butterfly I captured on a Panasonic LC40.

Wayne Dawson

Hi! I love your site. Here is one of my pics taken with my dad`s Sony Mavica (640x400).Its not a great camera but I had a few great pics! I will send you some more, plz tell me what u think. Thanx allot!!!

Herman Stander

Looks fine to us Herman. (IB)
  Namibia Dune
Photo by Herman Stander

Self Portrait
Photo by Jena Troelsgaard
  Everyone else is fed up with me taking pics of them all the time, so I have to take them of myself.

Jena Troelsgaard

Thanx for the tips! Great website! I just got my Fuji 3800 and I'm hooked! Photo taken in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Dianne Speranza

Thanks for the kind words Dianne. (IB)
  Coast of British Columbia
Photo by Dianne Speranza

Photo by Gary Sarig-Joseph
  I recently took this untouched shot of the Israeli parliament (Knesset) at night with a tripod. I have been experimenting quite a bit with my camera and was very happy with this shot.

All the best,

Gary Sarig-Joseph

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