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Vail Ruins October 1998 - On October 19, 1998 arsons set fire to the Two Elk Lodge, Ski Patrol Headquarters, Camp 1, and four ski-lift houses at the top of the world-renowned ski resort in Vail, Colorado. Two days later email and fax messages from a radical environmental group calling themselves the Earth Liberation Front were received by Vail Associates (the ski resort operators) and local media outlets claiming responsibility for this act of eco-terrorism. Purportedly their reason for executing this malicious attack was to deter further resort expansion into what they described as "the best lynx habitat in the state of Colorado."

Well excuse me please, but smoking seven buildings with incendiary chemicals seems rather counter-productive to a professed goal of protecting wildlife habitat. Let's get real here. The people who perpetrated this act are plain and simply low-life criminals who are nothing more than dangerous vandals. A little known fact in this story is that there was a group of campers in very close proximity to the attacked area, including one who had sought shelter from the cold in a nearby rest room, who easily could have become human statistics. Thoughtless, senseless acts executed in the name of environmental protection become akin to abortion clinic bombings.

Boo, hissVail Associates has spent millions of dollars over the years working with government agencies like the U.S. Forest Service doing environmental impact studies before undertaking any expansion activities and has been, for the most part, a responsible business citizen. Confirmation of that is evidenced by the general outrage of the local Vail community at the contemptuous act perpetrated by the cowardly torch-bearing extremists. Internet Brothers hopes that the responsible parties are promptly captured and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

West Virginia Bro

See Colorado Bro's thoughts on this topic.

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