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April 27, 2000 - The inevitability of change is sometimes hard to accept. Perhaps it's the anticipated disruption. But when all things are considered, doesn't it just boil down to attitude? Willingness and open-mindedness can lead to surprise and discovery. Stodgy whininess is but a symptom of something left unfinished. Irrational fear is simply that — irrational. There aren't any mountains in Michigan.

April 26, 2000 - Recruiting my ass. I've mentioned here before about the company I've worked for 26 years being bought in another of those huge corporate mergers and acquisitions. The Information Systems executive team from the new company was in town today ostensibly to recruit from the new-found talent pool. More like reminding everyone of who's in charge now, if you ask me. They know it's tough to just chuck a career five years short of retirement. If I thought Fortune 200 corporate politics was bad, Fortune 100 does it with an even bigger bureaucracy. I am getting so tired of TQM, value-add, bottom-line, blech.

April 25, 2000 - Can't remember the last time I just pulled up a chair and did some web surfing for pleasure. After all, that is how it starts for all of us. We logon to this great global equalizer to play, and learn. Refreshing our tired minds and invigorating exasperated attitudes, fulfilling emotional voids with grins and frowns, settling confused opinions as only discourse can. Visiting places in virtuality we would never see otherwise. Enabling conversation only recently available. Yep, today I'm just gonna surf. See ya out there.

April 24, 2000 - Until discovering the Internet several years ago, I used to have quite an interest in politics. I've been living inside the Net to the exclusion of most everything else. But spend enough time in the Net and you can't ignore the politics, especially from the scum occupying the White House. The end of the Clinton Administration can't come soon enough for me. I enter this plea to the voters of New York — please don't elect the First Criminal your next Senator thereby perpetuating the political aspirations that may return this bunch to power in Washington four or eight years hence.

Castrating the American military, selling secrets to our enemies, putting your constitutional freedoms in check while thumbing their Pinocchio noses at codes of conduct. Then using their bureaucracies to destroy civil rights. When, and why, in the hell did Immigration and Naturalization get SWAT teams? No wonder they want our guns. I thought we had defeated Communism in the late eighties at the end of the Cold War. It's alive and well, and living in the White House. How much more damage can these dangerously lame ducks do before the November elections?

April 23, 2000 - Seek and ye shall find. Ask, and you will receive. The spirit is alive, the community is well. Before leaving for vacation, I sent out a call for contribution to a new project. The Inbox told the story. Upon return, the response was overwhelming. Selfless and tireless, those who helped are inspiration for this wearied by six hours of driving webform. In coming days the compilation will resume. Thank you one and all.

April 19, 2000 - I'm off to the mountains of western North Carolina for the holiday weekend. I haven't seen my parents in eight months. It's hard to get to their winter home in Florida, well not hard, inconvenient. Humidity refugees, they made the annual trek back north last week — now it's only a six hour drive. The Net will continue just fine in my absence. Question is, will I? I'm going cold turkey; no laptop, no Palm, just life as it used to be. Whoa!

April 18, 2000 - Have you noticed all the weblog swan songs in recent days? Folks in snits because so-and-so got a better link than them. Others actually quitting and moving to the beach, or so they say. Apparently the weblog craze is beginning to reach critical mass. That forbidden word, competition, has escaped Pandora's Box. It's time for a pause. Everybody take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Now, be grateful you have a computer.

April 17, 2000 - If you abbreviate referring URLs as refURLs, it still makes sense, right? Wonder if I could get Webster's to update their dictionary with this new spelling and definition? Every time I cut my poodle's hair, he gets his toenails caught in the tangles. Must be something I can do about that. Anybody have a refURL?

April 15, 2000 - Awareness of color (tag you're it). The vibrant green of growth from a freshly mown lawn and the stretching limbs of the maple shade tree. The calm sky blue to the west contrasted by the dark blue-gray of the approaching storm to the north. Heraldic yellow and intense red tulips bending in the wind as the weather arrived, then produced a rainbow that reached the horizon. Even the brown, smelly stuff on the bottom of my shoe that Daisy left behind. Sitting on the porch is nice.

April 14, 2000 - When looking through server logs today, I came upon an interesting search that found my site. "web page design cliff notes" My first thought was here's a lazy teenager that thinks s/he can take shortcuts to learning web design. I wondered why my site came up for Cliff Notes, I don't use those words anywhere on the site. But ya know, the more I thought about this — maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have the moniker Cliff Notes of Web Design. After all, I am just an amateur and I don't make any pretensions otherwise. I do provide lots of valuable help to beginners. I need to ponder this some more. Do I really want to be known as the teacher of shortcut web design?

April 13, 2000 - It all started a couple months ago when I was just sitting here minding my own bidness. Suddenly I noticed the send indicator on Dialup Networking light up like a Christmas tree. I wasn't running anything that would be creating outbound traffic. Hmm. Was I being hacked? Time to look into personal firewalls. I ran this utility to see how safe my box was. Not very.

The firewall I installed, called Zone Alarm, is completely free for personal use. What I discovered totally shocked me. The new firewall began aborting more than 100 attempts per day to access my computer. I have since learned this is not at all unusual. They weren't picking on me, it goes on all the time. I feel much better now. This service is definitely Internet community at its finest.

April 12, 2000 - I appreciate what the Web Standards Project is doing to encourage browser producers to make the job of the web developer easier and straightforward. Wonder how I can entice them to do the same with JavaScript? When it was originally implemented by Netscape as containers within HTML files, it quickly filled a missing void. But that was years ago.

Isn't it about time for HTML itself to be updated to include the functionality that JavaScript introduced? The fact that the script code resides in the HTML files themselves, or is included at run time, was a temporary hack, at best. The enabling capabilities JavaScript provides are a requirement for the Web to continue its forward progress. The implementation is a step backward in a constructive development environment.

April 11, 2000 - The Wired magazine picks for World's Top 5 Web Awards are out. They made no mention of the criteria used for choosing their selections. While subjective like anything of this nature, I was happy to see a couple of friends make the list. Congratulations to Rick Doran and Wally Gross.

April 10, 2000 - History has taught us about anarchy. Nearly every type of community throughout history eventually formed some element of governance; rules of behavior and engagement, if you will. You see the same thing on the Internet. Whether it be simple netiquette, or complex formal standards, rules always seem to find a way of developing in any community. Newsgroups usually had FAQ sheets, most web forums make you subscribe before posting. It is human nature for some to always want to dominate others, to make the rules.

Don't get me wrong, there are some online communities that operate successfully without any formal structure. My personal experience, however, has taught me they don't last long because people tend to migrate away from confusion and disorder. So yes, people do long for community, geeks included, but I don't think they also reject it. What they reject is the anarchy. A shame perhaps, but Utopia is just a concept. As long as people are involved there will be rule setters, and rule breakers.

April 9, 2000 - This week marks the one year anniversary of the domain. After stumbling along, first on GeoCities for a year, then on the webspace provided by my ISP for the next two years, I finally took the plunge the first week of April, 1999. The domain name was propagated to the world by the InterNIC on April 6th. It's been a great ride. If you feel in a nostalgic mood, why not scroll through our What's New history to see the evolution.

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