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27th of May 2000

     Tonight is my step-daughter's wedding reception. I suppose I should say something fatherly. I am deeply touched she decided to have me be her "dad" for this important time in her life. Because of this, though, I've heard her natural father won't be coming. Although he hasn't been around much the past 20 years, I am saddened by the disappointment she must be feeling. No matter what may have happened in the past, her night will have an empty spot without him there. Anna, I love you very much. I hope your dad will reconsider. We'll see.

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26th of May 2000

     Have you ever seen a chihuahua chase off a dalmation? Amazing. We've had little Daisy for nine years now but I learn something new about her every day. I will definitely sleep better tonight knowing she's around to protect me.

     Conversation in the supermarket check-out line: Young mother, "That was some storm last night, wasn't it?" Older woman, "Sure was. There were limbs all over the road up my way." Five year-old boy, "You mean like arms and legs and stuff? Neato!" Myself, RFLMAO.

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25th of May 2000

     Holy moley. Talk about your flash floods. There was a river coming off the hillside between my house and the next. We've had high water here before, but this gully washer was a new experience.

     What a nice surprise! My hometown newspaper, The Charleston Daily Mail, featured Internet Brothers in their weekly column entitled Net Watch. Perfect timing, considering the article I posted about independent content production on the Web. My sincerest thanks to editor/columnist Greg Wood. Drop him a note and thank him yourself if you like. He's helping to get the word out, at least here in "Almost Heaven."

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24th of May 2000

     Pursuing the truth. As Dave continues his investigation into America's opinion of the new dollar coin, he files this customer comment from Vail, "You'd think the government would have learned, after the Susan Anton thing."

     A few years ago when smokers were first banished to the great outdoors, I was a bit put off. Like most things, though, with acceptance comes a certain mellowing. If I hadn't been outside smoking today I would have missed a little brown rabbit hopping down the bunny trail, a big ol' turtle, even larger than the rabbit, and another of those crazy mirror-loving redwing blackbirds. You don't suppose I was in the middle of the tortoise and the hare fable do you?

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23rd of May 2000

     "Hello Mr. Clark. This is Capt. Space from the Pentagon." And so the conversation on the other end of the line started. Yeah, right. Who is this really? Is that you Malcolm? "No, seriously Mr. Clark. My name is Capt. Mark Space and I'm in the Air Force at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. I got your name and number from the Computer Measurement Group membership as someone who might be able to help me with capacity planning issues for large IBM VM systems."

     Standing up now to see if I could hear snickering coming from another cubicle, I wasn't about to show my gullibility on this one. Jim is that you? "Listen Jeff. I get this all the time. It's not easy having the name Space and working for the Air Force." I can imagine. Maybe the telephone is still good for a few things — like a nice laugh in the middle of an otherwise boring afternoon.

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22nd of May 2000

     My wife would make a great construction foreman or shop steward. Apparently it was decided, at least in her mind, that the agenda for the day would be honey-do projects. From the moment we got up until she got distracted, I was busy. It's like she had prepared a mental list for weeks. No sooner would I finish one little chore, then it was on to the next. How did she do that?

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21st of May 2000

     The Zeldman interview at Slashdot was certainly enlightening, if not downright controversial. I am curious about the follow-up by Jamie Zawinski discussing the design origins of, and I have to agree with the argument related to page redirect and the browser back button.

     I was surprised, however, by the general rudeness of the Slashdot community. Whether you agree or disagree with the postulates of Mr. Zeldman doesn't give license for personal attacks. He deserved better. Taking the time out of a busy schedule to participate in what amounted to a four day exercise is deserving of thanks, not name-calling. My take: Envy and jealousy that it wasn't them in the spotlight.


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A man wrote a letter to a small hotel he planned to visit on his vacation: "I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well-groomed and very well behaved. Would you be willing to permit me to keep him in my room with me at night?"

An immediate reply came back from the hotel owner, who said, "I've been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I've never had a dog steal towels, bedclothes, silverware or pictures off the walls. I've never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly. And I've never had a dog run out on a hotel bill."

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