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24th of June 2000

     I took my step-son to a minor league baseball game for his 23rd birthday. I used to go to a lot of games, not many for a couple years, too much computer time. I got free bleacher seats from the company I work for. The tickets said I could upgrade to reserved seating for $2.00. Instead we just sat in the reserved section until the real ticket holders came along. I'm cheap.

     They never came along. All the seats around us filled up, but the two we chose a full half hour before game time remained unclaimed. If we sat just about anywhere else in that section — sayonnara. Dumb luck. The home team lost, we didn't win any prizes or catch a foul ball, but the weather was near-perfect and the time with my wife's boy was a MasterCard moment.

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23rd of June 2000

     They call 'em senior moments — when the mind is stuck between gears. You forget what you're supposed to get at the store, you can't remember why you went into a room, the dogs are out of food and looking at you with those big 'ol eyes. Whose birthday did you say it is?

     I've always been good at remembering the little things, that is until this week. It's like the tooth fairy or Tinker Bell paid me a night-time visit and pixie dusted part of my brain. Is this supposed to happen, like overnight? Sheesh, I'm only 47. At this rate I'll be an imbecile before I'm eligible for AARP.

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22nd of June 2000

     Boy do wet dogs stink. We had another of those torrential June thunderstorms here. Just so happens the dogs were outside and I was in the midst of a nap. Now, I don't know if your dogs are like mine, but these lovable guys don't know enough to get in out of the rain. It's all the more reason to romp and play. Now they stink. Bluh.

     Whoa. Another Rundgren fan. Cool.

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21st of June 2000


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20th of June 2000

     I know. I know. I am seriously late to this party, but hey, there are hundreds of millions of web sites out there. Anyway, if you want to get a feel for the rockem sockem sleepless days and nights of early web innovation, and let's face it, the founding of browsing science — check out the musings of Jamie Zawinski. Back before you had heard of Netscape, Jamie was responsible for the Unix versions of Mosaic Communications' Netscape Navigator through release 1.1.

     I don't envy what he endured, but the term pioneer keeps crossing my mind. Akin to crossing the Rocky Mountains in covered wagons of the digital age, Jamie and his buds were the true Mountain View hackers. Credited with coining the term "Mozilla", don't miss his diary from the Netscape Dorm, detailing the final three months before the first production release.

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19th of June 2000

     Unless you've been around the game of golf for awhile, understand its difficulty, enjoy its humbling nuances, respect the hallowed history — what happened this weekend on the Monterey Peninsula in California may not mean much to you.

     There are defining moments in sport; Mark McGwire's 70 home runs, Martina Navratilova's nine Wimbledon titles, Carl Lewis' 10 Olympic gold medals. What Tiger Woods accomplished at the 100th United States Open Golf Championship on the beautiful Pebble Beach Links may be the single most impressive individual achievement in sports history.

     The number of records he set will fill newspaper columns all week; many reach back to the 19th century. The new standard that left me in awe was the way he simply lapped the rest of the field. His 15 stroke victory was the largest ever in the 140 years of major championship golf. I will remember this performance for a long, long time.

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18th of June 2000

     Dad, there have been times in my life I've wanted to express my feelings, but I let the chances slip by...

     Dad, there have been times when I've been grateful for your wisdom and thankful for your unending faith in me, but didn't let you know. We may not have always agreed on every issue, but now I see that you were using your past experiences to guide me in the best way that you knew how, and that you only had good things in mind. And yes, that you were nearly always right.

     I've missed some opportunities to tell you my feelings, so I want you to know now that I love you and appreciate you. I wouldn't trade you for any other Dad in the world. Thank you for all you've ever been for me.

     Happy Father's Day!


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A man is driving up a steep, narrow mountain road. A woman is driving down the road at the same time. As they pass each other, the woman leans out the window and yells "PIG!" The man immediately leans out his window and shouts back "BI%@$!"

They continue on their way. As the man rounds the next corner, he crashes into a pig in the middle of the road. If only men would listen.






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A fellow came into a bar and ordered a martini. Before drinking it, he removed the olive and carefully put it into a glass jar. Then he ordered another martini and did the same thing.

After an hour, when he was full of martinis and the jar was full of olives, he staggered out.

"Well," said a customer, "I never saw anything as peculiar as that!"

"What's so peculiar about it?" said the bartender. "His wife sent him out for a jar of olives."


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