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20th of May 2000

     What she said on the dreamless forum:

     "Perhaps we should step back and take a look at what is, and has always been, unique and special about this nascent medium: the ability to freely share information and connect people at a fundamentally human level. If we want to be the ones who shape this new medium into something meaningful, and show the average web user its fantastic potential, we need to put their interests and needs front and center, not ours. If we want to help shape our culture (which is the infinitely more important issue here), then the challenge is not to get average web users to appreciate us, but to make this new medium appreciate THEM."

19th of May 2000

     I have come to the conclusion people worry too much about what others think, myself included. Nothing earth-shattering — it's been that way since the first contact between one and another. On the Web, people pleasing has a whole new angle. Let's face it, the ability this infant medium presents for global expression and exposure is a totally startling concept to those that rarely concerned themselves with more than what the neighbors thought of their flower garden. My words should be about what I think; not about what will make everyone content. If I get back to old habits, just slap me upside the head, and let me know.

     On another track, this took guts.

18th of May 2000

      Kitty's early a.m. poop adventure reminded me of some close encounters of the canine kind. Whenever I would hug or otherwise romp around with our Siberian Husky, I always noticed an awful stink about her. We would bathe her, and the very next day, same thing. One day, I happened to watch her lounging in the yard, when our male cocker spaniel just saunters up and pees on her tail, pretty as you please. No reaction whatsoever from her. Over time, I came to observe this to be a frequent occurance, but only on her tail. I'm at a loss.

     Daisy, our female chihuahua, oft times walks right under our poodle while he's relieving himself. Talk about your golden shower. Then she goes off like a frog in a sock. And Nick, the 12 year old greyhound, he's too cool for any of this nonsense. He just pees on his own leg.

17th of May 2000

     Someone asked me why I color my hair. Do what? I don't color my hair! Maybelline or Nair maybe, but Clairol? Never! Just because most men my age have gray hair, or no hair doesn't mean I'm so vain that I would resort to chemicals. My Dad didn't have any gray hair until he was 60. So there.

     When I got home from work, while changing clothes, I lost my balance. Slammed my shin right into the foot board of the bed. Boy did that hurt — big ol' bruise. But it didn't end there. The body's natural reaction to excruciating pain is to recoil in defense. On the way down I cracked my dang elbow on that same foot board. Man o' man. I didn't know what to rub first. I may even have a few gray hairs now to show that wise-ass at work.

     4) Water Sprite

16th of May 2000

     The Web is a funny place — literally. We learn a lot about the voices we hear through their humor. Having a sense of humor tells us that you have some distance from yourself and the dreadful seriousness of your concerns. It is, in most cases, a prerequisite for personal authenticity — if you're not laughing at yourself, are you really being honest with yourself? After all, you are — like all of us — a ridiculous creature. — The Cluetrain Manifesto

Happy Birthday Derek.

15th of May 2000

For Elise, since you inquired. Weblogs I frequent, and why I go back:

      Yours, of course — Ever since you invited me to zestyweasel well over a year ago, I discovered your incredible manner of expressing shared ideals and aspirations in a fashion I was never able. You helped enlighten me, and emboldened me.

      Zeldman — scoop, baby. Never one to jump to incorrect conclusions, Jeffrey Zeldman keeps an eye on this industry from the inside and reports with a reasoned, thoughtful perspective.

      ctrl-alt-ego — a brilliant mind, and full of humility; Faith is better at everything she does than she ever gives herself credit. I'm looking for an explosion of passion in the months to come.

      jenett's dailywebthing — This compilation, as well as Joe's recent personal webstream, display the exceptional kindness of this champion of the web little-guy. He works tirelessly on behalf of us all.

      So I Say — my day simply isn't complete without the RL adventures of the rambunctious mizKitty. I'm in awe of her art, humbled by her compassion, and envious of her humor.

     The risk in making lists is that you leave people out and maybe offend some. I visit many more weblogs than these on a regular basis. You know who you are from your server logs, and why I'm there. Thanks to all of you.

14th of May 2000

     Some observations from a day trip to the mountains:

  1. They raise the price of gas on Friday night, then lower it again on Monday.
  2. My wife sure gets gabby in the car. She asks a lot of questions, then moves on to the next before I can answer.
  3. Dogs get car-sick on winding mountain roads. Can't blame 'em.
  4. West Virginia has quaint, rustic communities and squalid, abject poverty.
  5. It never just rains anymore. It comes down in buckets, then quits.
  6. Mid-May is too early for the native rhododendron and laurel.
  7. There are fewer people on the roads this year than last. (see 1.)
  8. The Colonel would be disappointed in KFC.
  9. Picnic lunch is an adventure in high wind.
  10. The mountains are worth every bit of it.

Beautiful, compelling work.


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Did you see those new minivan ads? All they talk about are cup holders, kiddies seats and doors. What kind of advertising is that? When you see an ad for a suit, do they say, "And look at the zipper! Carefully hidden, but easily accessible when you need it!" I think not. — Jerry Seinfeld






A psychiatrist is assessing the mental status of three patients. He asks each of them to answer the question, "What's three times three?"

The first patient says, "158."

The second patient replies, "Tuesday."

The third patient answers, "Nine."

The shrink turns to this last patient and asks, "Good! but how did you come up with the right answer?"

"Easy," he quipped, "Just subtract 158 from Tuesday!"


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