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16th of December 2000

From Us to You      I'm outta here! Lynn and I are headed to the sunshine state to visit family, Mickey, the short green grass and the fine white sand. If you're on Interstates 77, 95 or 75 this weekend, look for the midnight blue Buick Regal with WV license and a grinning Netbro.

     We wish the most joyous holiday season for you and yours. May you give all that you can and get everything you need. God bless you, each and every one.

15th of December 2000

     I never have liked cereal for breakfast; really, don't care much for breakfast period. When my step-son still lived with us, he was a cereal junkie though. He would have eaten it every meal if given the chance. Well, I got a swift reminder why I always hated buying the stuff.


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     On Saturday Lynn and I are headed to Florida for a week of vacation. Our son and his wife are staying at our house to watch the dogs and keep an eye on things. So I went to the local grocery to stock up for them while they're here, including three boxes of cereal. As it was a couple years ago, nearly $15.00 for a bunch of grain and sugar. Ridiculous.

     Critics wonder if the Web will be affected by the new administration. A new research paper concludes that the Texas governor will assume a hands-off approach to the Net and technological initiatives.

14th of December 2000

     Very gracious Mr. Vice-President. You spread a healing balm upon this nation with your soaring oratory. For the pot-stirrers, there is still a way for Albert Gore, Jr. to become the 43rd POTUS. Bill Clinton could resign his office early, providing Mr. Gore the opportunity to lead the country for the last month of this administration. Anything is possible.

     Reasonable in manner Mr. President-Elect. We should not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it. Yet, the opportunities begin now. Page one of the new book is ready to be written with dignity — ignore the cynics. At least for one day, this was the best of democracy.

     It became painfully obvious in the past five weeks that America's electoral process is broken, in many ways. There is much talk in Congress, in the media, and on the streets of working together to improve and resolve the revealed problems. If Mr. Gore would accept the job, I suggest to Mr. Bush the establishment of a bi-partisan electoral reform commission headed by the Vice-President.

13th of December 2000

     "The Emerson plaque is presented to those who roll up their sleeves and help during times of trouble. These people came forth to help without hesitation, without a single The Emerson Plaque thought for how much time and energy their offer of assistance would entail. You are one of the nicest people I know, and I want you to have something to show you how much your kindness means."

     Aw shucks he says, hands in pocket, toeing the ground, smile on his blushing face. Twernt nothin' M'am.

     The medical technician monitoring my sleep yesterday said I had a very restless night. Hopefully they got some good data to determine if sleeplessness is a cause for my daytime fatigue. Apparently I did not exhibit the halted breathing pattern known as sleep apnea though.

11th of December 2000

     For the husbands and boyfriends. When your lady says, "I'm old, ugly and wrinkly" don't respond with, "You aren't wrinkly honey." It may seem cute at the time, but someone who is already feeling down on their self-esteem isn't going to have a sense of humor. Wonder if she spit in my salad?

     Tonight is my turn in the hospital. Later this evening I go in for a sleep study. Wires and monitors, video cameras and sleep-inducing drug therapy. They're watching for sleep apnea, a condition that causes the tongue to block breathing passages. These temporary breathing halts can lead to fatigue during the waking hours, a problem I've been experiencing for some time.

10th of December 2000

     My post yesterday hastily mentioned the hospitalization of my wife. I'm happy to report all is considerably better today. She is back home, and resting comfortably.

     She woke up at 5AM Friday morning with pain in her chest. Not wanting to take any chances, we rushed to the emergency room and spent the rest of the day waiting for the medical pros to make their determinations. As the day progressed, each little piece of news seemed encouraging, but didn't help relieve the pain, nor put her any closer to knowing what was happening.

     The most definitive test, cardiac enzymes (for some unknown reason delayed four hours), revealed no apparent heart attack. Obvious relief, yet there was worry of angina and a worsening of her sarcoidosis disease. Upper GI tests didn't indicate a heartburn type problem. Her blood pressure was quite good in the morning, but elevated and inconsistent as the mystery continued through afternoon and into the evening.

     Around mid-afternoon it was decided to admit her for overnight observation and monitoring, and to schedule a treadmill stress test for Saturday morning. She had a pretty awful night. The blood-thinner Heprin caused her to throw up. The otherwise helpful nurses drawing blood every two hours prevented sound and comfortable sleep. The nitroglycerin patches created horrible headache.

     With the dawn came a trip to the nuclear medicine department for the look at her heart arteries. If you've never experienced it, this several hour long procedure involves injection of nuclear dye and xraying of the heart at various stages of rest and exertion. This produced the best news of the day — no arterial blockage or muscle damage. She smiled for the first time in two days.

     So, at mid-afternoon she came home. Full of holes and bruises, stuck with glue, with red streaks and circles all over, she immediately fell into bed. The pain is still there, but has abated some. We know more about what the problem is not than what it is — a frustrating situation to be sure. She went through a washringer and came out knowing her heart is in good shape, but little else.

     There will be more tests in the coming week, focusing on sarcoidosis and muscular-skeletal issues, but all out-patient. If she is able, we are heading to Florida for vacation at the end of the week. I hope she allows herself to relax and enjoy. Our sincerest thanks go out to all the family and compadres, online acquaintances and friends, who sent along their prayers and best wishes. We will remember the outpouring of love.











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