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North Carolina Bro My name is Jeff Clark and I'm presently parked in Hendersonville, North Carolina... in the northeastern part of the town. I've been here since March 2007. It's nice to return to the mountains after a few years of big-city living. Recently I have lived in Raleigh/Durham, Summerville, SC, and Charlotte. The amenities found in large, metro areas were nice, but I'm glad to be back to the small-town peace and quiet. I lived the majority of my years in West Virginia, though I was able to experience different American cultures in Louisiana and Connecticut during my teens, and in Richmond, Virginia for college.

I've been trying to get back into the arts again like I was as a much younger man. My long-time favorite musician is Todd Rundgren, but my favorite style is smooth jazz and R&B. I like to read Leon Uris and many others who write historical fiction. I don't know very much about fine art and poetry, but with the help of a caring friend, I am working toward opening that side of my brain more completely. I play golf, travel and explore, love the Internet and its potential — many of the typical hobbies any middle-aged man like myself enjoys.

I suppose you could say I'm semi-retired. I had a thirty year career in Information Technology followed by five more years in retail management. At present I'm a part-timer, really enjoying working with a great group of young people who help me feel young. I started this web site in 1997 and have dabbled with it in fits and starts since. If you have any suggestions for content you would like to see, please don't hesitate to contact me with the email link at the bottom of the page. Thanks for visiting.