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Míc Miller      Michael Miller — This brilliant information architect guides you through the formulation of his original technology with an eye toward the future. Míc is founder of The Beeline @, a legacy web site that breaks the mold of tired, old search engines, and offers its community area information retrieval with a local to global scope. Míc will definitely give you plenty of ideas for improving your potential, and adjusting your view of the Net.

Elise Marks Tomek Elise Tomek is the creator, along with her husband Pat, of a hot free-lance interactive development shop located in America's heartland. You can find Elise on the web at and Swallowing Tacks. While stereotypically male computer nerds are transfixed by the latest flashy graphics, their diva sisters are out reinventing the web with a zesty flair. From her knowledge steeped in practical experience, Elise guides you through sound and fundamental tenets of web design.

Ronald J. Wilson      Ronald J. Wilson — expert in communicating with the written word, he shares a few tips for effective usage of language on our web sites. Ron is creator and developer of Outspan, a delightful look at the emerging African continent from an historian's outlook. An early BBS pioneer, Ron has some interesting anecdotes from those rough-and-tumble days that were a precursor to today's Internet.

Mark Connell Mark Connell — president, visionary, and chief technologist of Shadowboxer and creator of the hot Internet portal WebbieWorld. I asked him about what's cool on the web these days, how you can better prepare your web site, and what we can expect from WebbieWorld down the pike. Mark truly is on the leading edge of web development and community building; I think you'll find his insights refreshing.

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Webreference.comManaging Editor of, Andrew King, interviews Jeffrey Veen, formerly of Wired Digital, about his new book The Art & Science of Web Design.


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"The miracle of the World Wide Web is that for the first time in human history we don't have to live in the same country, the same region, or even the same city to cultivate and enjoy highly meaningful relationships with exceptional people." — Ron Wilson




"... it is much nicer to gain something that is hard to achieve." — Mark Connell





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