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Awards Bestowed in Kindness

Perhaps the most flattering form of recognition is the unexpected. These webmasters have surprised us with their gracious acts of kindness. As you can imagine, this immediately places them on our "friends list." The Internet's world of community is alive in those who offer such unsolicited praise. Sincerest thanks to all.

A Surfers Choice "Best of the Web" Portal Click of the Day
February 9, 2000
Surfers Choice Portal Click of the Day

Congratulations! Your site, , was featured as a Surfers Choice Portal Click of the Day for Wednesday, February 9, 2000.

Kurt Kurosawa
Surfers Choice Portal Review Team

Lizard Heaven!
Received February 27, 1999
Lizard Heaven Best of the Web Gold

You have a permanent bookmark in my Web Site Help favorites folder. I can see right now I'm going to be spending a LOT of time at your site. Thank you so much for providing such a helpful and informative web site. I would like to close by offering you our Best of the Web Gold Award for 1999.

Sarah Coatman - Lizard Heaven!

Gadart: Graphic type design
Received July 7, 1999
Gadart Fine Site Card

greetings from Germany

Manulin - Gadart

UFOs: The Beginning of a New World
Received January 4, 1999
Golden Unicorn Award for Website Excellence

I have found your site to be truly excellent, very creative and an all round great place to visit on the net. Congratulations, you have won my award - you definitely deserve it.

Karen Lyster
UFOs: The Beginning of a New World

Received January 4, 1999
Angela's Gold Rose Award

I have visited your page and have decided to send you this Award. I enjoyed my visit very much. This award cannot be applied for. When I visit, I will award them to sites that are above the norm. Credit where credit is due, some people just know what they are doing.

Angela - Jamadacai

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