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 Awards Honoring Our Design 

Received June 22, 1999
7Rings Aesthetic Award

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your site. I found it to be in the top 10% in design and aesthetics. I simply loved the navigation bar! Your hard work is certainly on display and your technical skill is evident. You are also sharing a wonderful resource with the Internet community while keeping the aesthetics of your site well intact.

Kelly - 7Rings

Jersey Home Girl
June 15, 1999
JG Gold Award

Congratulations. You have been awarded the JG Gold Award. What an OUTSTANDING SITE! I love the design. This is great work!! Interesting content too. I will spend some extra time at your site! Love the Networds.

Denise - Jersey Home Girl - Arabic Search Engine
Received June 2, 2000
Best of Ababeel Awards

Congratulations! After a thorough evaluation of your Site Design, content & originality would like to announce that your site has been awarded the "Best of Ababeel Awards." Once again congratulations and keep up the good work.

Ababeel - Your Arabic Guide to the Internet

KuZone Graphic Design Studio
Received June 14, 1999
KuZone's Gold Award

Congratulations, you've won KuZone's Gold Award for web design excellence. You have a very professional-looking site. Keep up the good work. By the way, thanx 4 that joke.

Roc - KuZone Graphic Design Studio

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The Internet Brothers have implemented hierarchical menus for navigation. Easier done than said.

The hierarchical menus were created using Peter Belesis' Dynomat DHTML scripting tool from Webreference. Give them a visit, you'll like what you learn.

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