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Awards Honoring Our Design

Sterling Designs
Received April 5, 1999
The Sterling Gold Award

Congratulations, I was very impressed with your site. You have won the Gold, the most prestigious Sterling Award. Your site is indeed the "best of the best" and we are humbled and truly honored that you have chosen to apply for our award. You make us say, "We wish we could do that." Approximately 2% of all sites will receive this award.

Sterling Stevens - Sterling Webdesigns

Digital Divas
Received June 12, 1999
This Site Bytes Award

Congratulations you have won the prestigious "This Site Bytes Award"! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your site. We found it to fit our criteria and are pleased to be able to put you on the winners page and share your site with the world!!

Digital Divas Award Panel

Design 481
Received December 15, 2000
Design 481 Quite Cool Award

A great helpware site, featuring good design, useful help, and a good measure of humor.

Tim Medora - Design 481

Pure Illusion Awards
Received May 6, 1999
Pure Illusion's Award of Excellence

Congratulations from Pure Illusion Awards. We are honored to inform you that you have won the "AWARD OF EXCELLENCE." None of our awards are easy to win and you should feel honored to have received this recognition of your hard work. Currently only 17% of the people that apply for our awards win. Only 4% of the people applying win an Excellence award. You have done a fine job. Your hard work and pride show and it is an honor for me to present you and your website with this award.

Sandy Groff - Pure Illusion Awards

TGDesign Inc. Designers Arrow Award Received April 9, 2000 TGDesign Inc. Designers Arrow Award

Your site has won the Designers Arrow Award for superior web site design and content. You have an interesting and useful web site with easily defined navigation. I enjoyed my stay at your site. I ended up doing more than judging your site — I mixed browsing in as well. I enjoyed the content very much. Your site is one of the best html guide sites I have seen and is greatly deserving of the accolades you have received.

Alfred Norman - TGDesign Inc.


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The hierarchical menus were created using Peter Belesis' Dynomat DHTML scripting tool from Webreference. Give them a visit, you'll like what you learn.

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