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Awards Honoring Our Design

Cruz Golden World Awards
Nov. 7, 1999
Cruz Golden World Award

The Cruz Award judges have decided your website deserves top honors, the Golden World Award, in our Personal Site category. Golden World Awards in any category are not easy to receive, but the design and content of your website either met or exceeded our expectations. Congratulations!

Design Innovations
Received February 18, 1999

Design Innovations
Received February 18, 1999
Design Innovations Gold

Congratulations! I have processed your application and reviewed your site and am pleased to announce that it qualifies you for my Web Design Gold Award. The Gold Award is very hard to obtain. It is only awarded to those sites that are seen to be absolutely superior in design, content, graphics and WOW factor!

Design Innovations Award of Excellence

The best of the Gold Sites are eligible for my special Web Excellence awards. These awards cannot be applied for and I give them out only to sites that I love - or who have been of great help to me in some way. I have found your site to be of great use to me, therefore, if you wish to accept it I would like to present you with this award.

Bonnie Ryan-Gauthier
The Technology Security Blanket

Grachov Design
Received February 7, 1999
Beyond Human Comprehension

I have visited your site, checked it very attentively, every word and every image... And guess what? You are a WINNER!!! My congratulations! You have a really perfect and outstanding site!

Eugene Grachov - Grachov Design

This one is from Russia. Thanks Eugene. IB

Artis Cool Site Award
Received Feb. 7, 1999
Artis Cool Site Award

This is given to a nice, clean cut and elegant web site. I am happy to congratulate you for winning this prestigious award.

Dr. Joseph Trotsky
Artis - Thames Coffee-House

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