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Awards Honoring Our Content

Arete Wave of a Site

Received April 20, 2001
Arete Wave Award - Silver

Congratulations. After careful review and consideration your site has been selected for the Arete Wave Award - Silver. Total score was 94 points, extremely close to the next level. I found your site very easy to use, very handsomely designed, and very thorough. All and all I enjoyed your web site very much and I found the presentation pleasing and fitting your purpose.

Jenny Goellnitz - Arete Wave Award

Eye-Dentity Awards

Received November 13, 2000
Eye-Dentity 5 Star Award

It was an absolute pleasure to browse the Internet Brothers web site. It is a rare occasion indeed that we have the opportunity to review such an informative and useful web site. We were unbelievably impressed by the quality and quantity of information that you make available to your vistors, and we would actually say that your site has far more than "must bookmark" value — it is in our opinion essential viewing for web-builders everywhere. It is for this reason that we are pleased to present you with our coveted 5-Star award as a result of your outstanding efforts. Fantastic job!

The Eye-Dentity Webteam

Netmagick Gold Award!

Received April 23, 2000
Netmagick Gold Award

You have captured the elusive quality of a bookmark worthy site, that something extra that every webmaster on the web is looking for — a reason to return. You have given your time, your expertise, and a part of yourself to the global community. Every judge said they either bookmarked your site or already had.

Awarding your site with nothing more than Gold seems almost to be an insult to the hours you have put into the creation of IB. The award is officially Gold, but in the minds and hearts of the reviewers for 3moons Castle, it is Gold with a platinum stand and diamond edges.

You and what you have created out of pixels and words make the internet a place of community, of sharing of ideas, of striving to be the best one can be. We gratefully acknowledge that contribution with a token of our appreciation.

I often wonder why sites that I visit frequently don't start to look like my reference books, with coffee stains and dog-eared pages and the occasional piece of paper sticking out of the edge. If websites wore out from use, yours would look like that.

Lauranna - Netmagick

Red-Eye Ratings
Received April 22, 2000
Red-Eye Rated

Congratulations! Your site has been selected as the Red-Eye Rated Site of the Month for Content for February 2000!! Thank you for making our internet community a better place!

Tracker - Red-Eye Rated

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