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Awards Honoring Our Content

Web Traveller Awards Web Traveller Awards Gold

I have pleasure in presenting you with a GOLD award for your site. Congratulations! This is a difficult award to win and is only the second that we have presented this year. The evaluators were unanimous in their praise of the site, which is informative, entertaining and educational and a highly recommended destination for fellow Web Travellers.

Chris Osborne - Web Traveller Awards

2112 F/X - Visual FX for Web and CD

Received August 8, 1999
2112 F/X Pick of the Week

Your site has been selected as the 2112 F/X pick of the week and is now on display in the winner's area. Flash and DHTML will form the interactive interfaces of the future web. See some real examples of how Dynamic HTML works and learn how you might apply it at the cool Internet Brothers site.

Jim Armstrong - 2112 F/X

The Ziara Awards
Received Sept. 5, 1999
Ziara - The Perfect Gem

We are proud to hand you the ZIARA Award : The Perfect Gem. Your contribution to the development of QUALITY and BEAUTY on the internet is tremendous. Thanks to sites like yours, the internet can continue to hold its true meaning : Outstanding content and Information - Beautiful and pleasing!

Christian Van Simaeys - The Ziara Awards

Jessles' Awards
Received July 25, 1999
Jessles' Maxine Award

I think your site is an invaluable contribution to the web! That's why I'm awarding you my Maxine award for a great site! Yours definitely deserves it.

Jess Reilly - Jupiter's Cloud

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The Internet Brothers have implemented hierarchical menus for navigation. Easier done than said.

The hierarchical menus were created using Peter Belesis' Dynomat DHTML scripting tool from Webreference. Give them a visit, you'll like what you learn.

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